Huge Spotted Gar Pike at Bass Pro Shop Aquarium

I went over to see if Bass Pro Shops had an albino pike in there aquarium after seeing Arcasting's video, low and behold a white pike esox wasn't there, but a huge spotted gar pike instead. So I broke out the camera and got some cool shots of the behemoth. Probably the largest gar I've ever seen, wild or in an aquarium, I wonder what they've been feeding that thing?

All he did was just rest at the bottom for the 10-15 minutes that I filmed, didn't move a smudge, weird. Thing looks prehistoric like the Sturgeon! As I really am not familiar with all the different species of gar there are. After looking at this photo showing the different species and their mouth and noses, kind of what they're known for, it's quite obvious he is right.

The young kid in the video kind of had me convinced it was a longnose gar, because the friggin thing is huge.

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