I-75 Construction Project Delayed – Sportmans Warehouse Exit Closed


Holy Hell, deja vu, "I-75 Construction Delayed After Crews Used Wrong Concrete." ? Didn't this same thing happened with 696 if I'm not mistaken. Man we're going into 2020 shortly, you think by now they've figured out to properly lay down cement? Anyways, I have major respect for construction workers, I did my share of brick laying as a laborer a few years back, rough job man.

Anyways, I had to post this seeing as though Sportmans Warehouse, which used to be Field & Stream is right near the 14 mile road exit you get off at which is closed. I recently went their two months ago when I was looking for Strike King 8.0 Magnums, I did the same mistake everyone else did and had to travel like a 4-5 mile stretch of highway to just give off at the next exit, it's very long, so be prepared. I remember after Google Maps finally rerouted me down side roads to get to Sportmans Warehouse I just go there just in time before the store closed and come to find out they Dicks Dicks Sporting Goods had just sold it to Sportsmans Warehouse and they no longer carried the Strike King 8.0 Magnums, now that sucked! Brings back this memory from movie Falling Down. :ROFLMAO:

Anyways, I saw another angler that said he traveled from Ann Arbor as we're entering the store together he had traveled all the way from Ann Arbor and couldn't believe how long it took him to get off of I-75. lol Hopefully he found what he was looking for unlike me. Take it easy out there anglers, no need for road rage and grabbing a RPG, woosahhhh... That's what the video game Grand Theft Auto is for!

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