Monster Fire Tiger Musky out of Lake St. Clair

This fire tiger musky is not only 50 inches long, but is also half clear half tiger musky, absolutely gorgeous. A rare oddity that Lake St. Clair would only produce, be sure to follow Brandon Pickens and his musky charter on Facebook. It's quite obvious the tiger musky are definitely growing in St. Clair, good practices of catch and release, keep at it my fellow anglers!

Them tigers are vicious sombitches, never give up... Brandon said it faught incredibly well, notice how it just keeps fighting him when holding it, great lakes spotted musky usually tame down after a few seconds of holding them, not tigers, gotta be ready for anything, same thing happened to Lee Tauchen from Todays Angler! Lee was experienced enough to forward her back to the water when she wasn't having it and Brandon with that strong bear grip kept this monster 50 from hitting the floor of the boat, gotta hold on to them Tigers tight... Hybrids are incredibly aggressive strong fish!

Crazy pattern of a Tiger Musky from Northwoods Lake Chain in Wisconsin, purty sombitches, but also vicious sombitches!! lol

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