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Musky Spincast Reel?

So after putting out a video, suggesting that a premium and more heavier duty spincast like the Big Cat, Zebco 888 or 808 Salt Fisher could be used for musky fishing. One angler remarked "You have lost your mind, just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

As I responded, if a fishing company can design a spincast that's heavier duty, target a niche and market a product towards anglers that normally wouldn't be into sport of musky fishing and they could make a lot of money doing so, as well as growing and expanding the sport of musky fishing, I'm sure they'll do it!

Also, if a heavier duty spincast can entice a novice angler into fishing for musky, then 2 or 3 years down the road upgrade to a more premium reel like a baitcaster or spinning reel... Well, that's how you could get more younger or older anglers involved, even ladies involved into the sport of musky fishing I think. At the age of 5, I first started off with spincast, then evolved into spinning, then evolved into a baitcaster with chip assist, then now I run two baitcasters now with no chip assist such as the 400 Shimano Tranx and 400 Daiwa Pro Rex. Sometimes ya gotta think outside the box and have novice anglers slowly upgrade to the more premium reels as they become a better musky fishermen, that way some anglers don't get easily deterred or burned out... It's kind of like training wheels you could say...

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