New Lifelike Goby Tube Bait for Smallmouth Bass

Now I saw the Anglers Choice Ridgeback Goby at the 2019 Ultimate Fishing Show this past winter, that soft plastic looks sick, better yet it can even be fished on a drop shot rig, which makes it even more deadly! However, there's another realistic goby soft plastic that went under the radar with me and that's the Savage Gear 3D Goby Tube on Ebay. Ya know everyone's seen the Live Target Goby Paddle Tails, I've heard they work decent, especially out on the Detroit River, but they have a pretty poor hookdup rate due to where the hook is positioned. With Savage Gear's Goby tube, you can use a standard jig head, slip in something like a premium Crunchers jig head with super sharp Gamakatsu for a better hook up rate and better yet, there's also tentacles behind the lifelike shaped goby body for extra action and enticement, unlike all the other goby soft plastic that have a stiff paddle tail in back, the Savage Gear tube still incorporates the tentacle tails from a standard tube.

Now it's not like I came across this unique soft plastic by surfing the internet myself, I got some help from a local angler that has YouTube channel by the name of Fishing for a Fight. I was fishing with this dude over at Blossom Heath a week ago, he put a hurting on me. I watched him reel in one smallie after the other at the pier, as I tried everything from a hair jig, Live Target goby, Chompers Tube, and even the Shad Spin Blade. Nothing... Yet I saw Eddie crush the smallmoth by just slowly dragging the Savage Gear 3D Goby Tube right off the bottom with his Lew's baitcaster. At times he didn't even reel much, but just let the Goby Tube sit there and do it's magic, when a smallie would come along and nip at it, I saw him use his fingers on the line for better sensitivity to feel the finicky strikes, soon as he felt a slight bite, he set the hook.

I'm like God damn, two things I don't have, Savage Gear's Goby Tube and a damn Baitcaster. It goes to show how beneficial a baitcaster can be when the smallmouth bass have lockjaw. And believe me, with the cold April we're having with snow and raid, super strong winds, it has really caused the smallmouth bass to act very stubborn in April. So it being 2020, I headed over to Sportsmans Direct, finally picked me up a quality baitcaster for bass fishing this year. Better late than never right, lol.

With Blossom Heath being a popular spot for a lot of local bass anglers, both from the shoreline and from the boat. It's safe to say it gets a lot of fishing pressure, despite all that, the Savage Gear 3D Goby showed me how well this soft plastic works in both tough fishing pressure conditions and tough weather conditions as well. Fishing for a Fight recently uploaded a video where they crushed with the Savage Gear 3D Goby at the 9 mile pier, you can watch the cool video up above.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to subscribe to Fishing for a Fight's YouTube channel and be sure check out some of their older videos. I really dig the theme of their channel, they're doing stuff I haven't seen before on a bass channel, like how they make their music. Last time I seen someone do that, is Joe Bucher on his musky YouTube channel, which has more of a slow bluesy Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe to it. These dudes got more of a Beastie Boy/Bone Thugs and Harmony thing going on, which I totally dig!

Also, I want to mention I also met another due by the name of Vince that showed me how to entice the smallmouth bass even more by just filling up any traditional tube bait with all-purpose sea salt. Might be a great combo with the Savage Gear's 3D Goby Tube. I for one will be buying up a shit load of these due to the closeout special!

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