No Sitting When You’re Fishing

It's interesting to see how kids interpret things differently at a younger age, some might be quick to say, look dummy, that's just a no fishing sign... The father being father, goes along with it after the his son says no sitting while fishing... It made for some humor and the videos gone viral... But maybe this has a deeper meaning, since we're starting to see more and more "no fishing signs" and privatization of lakes that we would normally allowed the freedom to fish back in the day. Along with, just because you have a different way of interpreting things, does that always make you wrong? Considering how everyone's at their necks these days over petty differences on social media these days. I took and ran with it, to me the meaning of this video gives me pride in the way I strictly standup and cast these days, I don't troll, use live bait or sit while fishing... Suggesting it's a purer form of fishing! Again, there's nothing wrong if you use live bait, troll or sit while fishing, this is just the way I decide to fish... I think you get to feel the bite of the fish better, species of fish like musky aren't worn out when they're more likely to chase a bait down while trolling so they're more likely to jump and fight better, plus you get better exercise (which I just plain love.), not to mention the esox followups doing the figure 8, what a rush! I mean, I used to troll all the time back in the day, I mean I still do on occasion, my Dad prefers this way of fishing and it's a great way to locate the species of fish your targeting if you don't have big money for fish finders... But lately when I do troll, I like putting a little muscle behind it instead of letting all the boat do the work. I really love this video, I may be over-analyzing it, but it had a lot more meaning to me... Again Father being father, even though they both might be breaking the law, I think he still decided to respect his son's point of view, because maybe even for this Father, this no fishing sign might have a deeper meaning to him since this might be a lake he used to fish back when he was a kid, just a hunch!

Just a short story for you... I recently went to a local inland lake where I caught a 8lb largemouth bass couple decades ago when I was a kid! The bass was so big, I could fit both my fists in it. Ya know I've caught my share of 4-5 lb largemouth of Lake St. Clair and Kent Lake, but I have yet to catch anything near that size when it comes to the species of largemouth. I recently when over to this same inland lake this past weekend, offered to pay some money to the property owners, but they said sorry, this lake is only to be allowed by residents only. Safe to say, that hasn't discouraged me...

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