Remember when we Could Park 200 Cars on the Ice of Lake St. Clair in Front of Gino’s Surf?

I was told recently to stop being political, stick to fishing, fishing is a gateway... Yes, I agree, but problem comes in when that gateway is destroyed and we can't keep the fish at Kent Lake due to PFAS and we can't even ice fish the main lake on Lake St. Clair because of Climate Change. Hell, I remember when we could drive 200-300 cars out on the ice in front of Gino's Surf, do we see that anymore? I mean, if I can't address why people are in denial about climate change, because this topic doesn't fit their ideology, well there's really no point in discussing this topic then, and to me that's not an option. If there's time for Bible Time on Al Lindner's Angling Edge, there should be time for these topics affecting our natural resources... It's not very fun just ice fishing the marina or canal is it fishermen? I wonder what the PCB level of perch is in the marina versus perch out on the main lake...

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