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Story Time with Bill Burr, Derek and Gregg Valentino

Anyone remember Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla on MTV, was pretty funny right, well you gotta listen to the dating stories from Bill Burr, it's like Loveline but on steroids! You gotta listen to some of the stories, they're absolutely fucking hilarious.

Bill Burr - "Until that thing figures out what the fuck it is, alright, that's a wild animal. okay you ever see when they get an animal in a fucking trap right and they fix it and then they try it set it free and it fucking jumps out of the cage and jumps in the cab and starts scratching up the driver or the doctor that helped, that's what you fucking had, let that thing run into the forest. And I'll tell you wherever you met that woman, do not meet your next girlfriend there, you're gonna need to start fishing in a different pond, oh man fucking psycho!"

And while Derek's stories from More Plates More Dates isn't necessarily on dating, but side effects from taking anabolics, pretty darn funny too.

Some of Gregg Valentino's stories from the golden days of Gold's Gym at Venice Beach were the fucking ultimate! Did you know Valentino was a Ducky Boy extra in the movie Wanderers? Or I think he was supposed to be, lol, either way dude is a living, breathing, talking, cartoon character, very entertaining to watch!

Barbarian story was my favorite, lol

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