Underwater Drone Geneinno T1 at Lake St. Clair

So I've been watching the underwater drone market for quite some time, about a decade ago there were these submarine shaped drones with one or two propellers, now within a few years we're seeing underwater drones with six thrusters which allows them to do lateral movement and a full 90 degree angle. However, really didn't buy my drone specifically for maneuverability, as I bought the Geneinno T1 for it's amazing extendable interface which allows you attach a robotic claw, sonar, and possibly more add-ons.

Here's a clip of Dustin Dunnill's test of theĀ Geneinno T1, a popular YouTuber who reviews both aerial drones and underwater drones on the market. It's quite amazing how fast the technology is starting to move, kind of actually scary, as I'm sure someone will be going muhammad jihad on us with one of these drones in the sometime future. Anyways, getting passed all that. I think this technology will be able to be used in a good way, I'm looking forward to trying to pickup all types of fishing lures, sunglasses, cameras and crap that's sitting at the bottom of Lake St. Clair.

I'm sure it's not going to be any cake walk while doing so, as I'm still just getting use to the controls, but I look forward to filming fish as well, which will be a lot of fun as well. I talked to one of the reps from Geneinno, I guess they plan on coming out with a 6th thruster on this underwater drone so it can make a full 90 degree angle, so that's kind of cool to hear.

I think the biggest obstacle I'm going to run into is finding a way to cast a shade on my ipad so I can get a better visual of the fish. I guess I could create something like a cover of some sort... I know QYSEA has already come out with a VR upgrade, but I'm not sure if I feel comfortable having a cell phone plastered to my head for 4 hours strain while navigating this drone, if you've read the recent article out of the Chicago Tribune. Still in unknown territory with a lot of this technology, even smart phones...

I think I'll just find a way to put a cover over my tablet, maybe something like thisĀ privacy cover. I'm sure an ice shanty will extremely help if you plan on running an underwater drone when there's ice out on the water.

I wonder if I'm the first nerd to test an underwater drone at Lake St. Clair...?

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