Underwater Drone Video of Pike & Walleye at Emerald Lake Michigan

This is the best underwater drone footage I've seen of bass, northern pike and walleye at a freshwater lake. At first I thought this was Emerald Lake in British Columbia Canada, but then the pilot said Newaygo and his other video featured the Muskegon River, I'm like damn, that's gotta be filmed right hear in Michigan. Now is that cool or what?

Raymond Foote filmed this footage with the Gladius Mini, which I've heard is the most stabilest and dependable underwater drone on the market right now with very little bugs and deffects. It's very interesting to see how the fish don't seem to be too spooked by the drone, despite it being yellow and probably making weird vibration noises in the water.

The northern pike went right up to the drone and kind of inspected it, then took off. The bass on the other hand were a little jittery, they'd get up close to the drone for a bit, then take off and swing around again. The walleye bedded down was one of the coolest shots I've ever seen, right around 5:54. It wakes up and slowly takes off, acting like why the hell did you wake me up, lol.

I remember when I talked to Kim Stricker about these new under drones coming out after he liked one of my videos and said to give him a call. I was shocked, had a great discussion with his for about half an hour about invasive carp, musky fishing, and how much my Dad and I love his show Hook n' Look. But I was a little more shocked when he said freshwater lakes were going to be to murky to navigate with these new underwater drones. I think that's somewhat accurate, but not quite, some freshwater bodies of water like Lake St. Clair gets very clear during the summer and winter, especially on calm days with a west wind, and due to the abundance of zebra muscles, Lake St. Clair would be a great candidate for an underwater drone like the Gladius Mini, along with other freshwater lakes in the area. Not to mention, some of these drones are having very powerful LED lights installed in front of them for better visuals.

I noticed when I put my GoPro down late winter when there was still ice out, it was one of the clearest times in the marina. Then after spring time swung around and more boats were put in, the marina became quite murky. The main lake tends to be a lot clearer than the canals and marinas, depending if it hasn't rained or windy the day before.

Anyways, this video was just shot this past April, too bad he hasn't filmed anymore footage. Just be sure to subscribe to him on YouTube for future underwater footage!

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