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Underwater Drone with Claw to Grab Fishing Lures?

The future is here, well the affordable future that is, I'm sure they've had this type of technology for a couple decades in the commercial sector, but nothing in the private sector for citizens. The Geneinno Titan underwater drone is priced reasonably on Amazon, with the robotic arm it's a lot more money. But man, pretty frickin cool they're starting to make underwater drones with a claw at an affordable price to traditional consumers. Imagine the potential of finding lost GoPros, Downed Drones, and possibly yanking out fishing lures... Hint hint...

They're still working on getting out some of the bugs, I talked with a Titan drone owner from Germany on a Facebook Group and he said they still have some bugs to work out with the robotic arm. But I'm sure once they get things worked out, it's going to be pretty neat what people are going to be pulling from the bottom of the ocean and lakes.

The Geneinno Titan is still a bit too pricey I'd say, but I have my eye on the QYSEA Fifish V. I talked with the company and they already have a claw in the works to be later released this winter. The Fifish V6 can actually do a lot more than the Titan at half the price, it can do lateral movement side to side and actually go at a 90 degree angle with a 4 hour run time. QYSEA already released some new mounts for the Fifish V6, pretty darn cool.

But I've heard the most dependable underwater drone right now on the market is the Gladius Mini, which can be found at some online stores for a very low price now. They even have a new small drone named Chasing Dory that is even cheaper for kids, check out this dude's video footage of the salmon here.

This is some awesome footage of bass and northern pike with the Gladius Mini, the Mini is the most stablest drone to record footage of fish, in a way it's the same has having a gimbal on an aerial drone. The way Chasing has the drone designed and the thrusters lined up, I suspect the company has the stability down pat for smooth video footage, but the Gladius Mini only has like an hour or hour an half run time most people say, and the company said they have no plans on releasing a claw for it, so kinda sucks.

I suspect this new technology is going to change the world of fishing, along with other hobbies. I suspect it basically it's going to launch a whole new new hobby in general.

I wonder if there will be ways to fish with these drones, like attaching some time of small fishing pole and dangle some type of fishing lure or bait, then once the fish strikes the underwater drone releases it. Believe it or not there's already a company named PowerVision doing that with their PowerRay drone, pretty wild... Last time my parents went down to Florida they talked about how they saw fishermen on the beach using an aerial drone to get their bait out further, then the drone drops the bait, they reel it in, then the fish strikes. So basically the drone is allowing the shore fishermen to cover more ground.

I think it's quite an exciting time we're living in, until some of this shit goes sideways, lol, until it gets in some extremists hands. Has anyone seen the new Gerard Butler movie Angel Has Fallen? The scene where they show like 100 drones attacking the President, lol?

Seeing how cheap the aerial drone technology is getting, this technology is both exciting and very scary at the same time. The new DJI Mavic Mini is $500, it has 30 minute run time, and it flies super smoothly and records video footage with a built in gimbal. $500!!!! That's it!

Then there's the new autonomous drones which are also becoming more affordable and better, tell me this doesn't look like some Terminator Skynet shit, lol. This nerd is creaming his pants talking about how exciting the technology is, meanwhile I'm watching this video and freaking out how fucking precise it is, lol.

I can't get some of these thoughts out of my mind, as I'll never forget when 9/11 happened, the planes hit the towers I was actually in my anti-terrorism class at U of D Mercy, as my major is Criminal Justice. Greater technology always comes at a greater risks sad to say...

I've heard JC Dropshot say that before you use your drone out on Lake St. Clair, you must first need to first register it, then you need to inform law inforcement the time and date you plan on flying it on St. Clair, remind you Selfridge Air Base is right next to Lake St. Clair. This new DJI Mavic Mini, because it fits under the weight limit, you actually don't have to register it. So question is, due to having to register the Mavic Mini, would you still have to inform law enforcement when you fly the DJI Mavic Mini out on Lake St. Clair? I suspect the government is going to have to change the laws just because of this new little drone.

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