Crab Swimming through the Water – Like a Helicopter

I'm gonna have to make a category on this blog labeled, holy shit, I didn't know Animals could do that... lol

Ya know, right now there's ongoing debate if people are actually seeing alligators surface and roam the top of water of the Spillway and Clinton River or if it's a case of misidentification since Esox like pike and musky have recently evolved into roaming the surface and were not known to do this back in the day.

Did you know crabs can do this? I didn't have a clue. I thought maybe they could shoot through the water a little bit, little did I know they could use their back legs like helicopter rotors and fly through the water lol. Absolutely insane!

Mr. Rabbit ain't gonna let Mr. Hawk catch him this time!

Better tuck and hide them ears! Great defense mechanism ?, I assume he also tricked the dog with his scent by going down the trail and doubling back. Do we underestimate the intelligence of animals, this gets back to the documentary James Cameron produced called Super Natural!

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