How’d an Extraterrestrial Race like the Predator Evolve with Technology without Making them Lazy and Less Intelligent?

So a few months ago, I ran across an article discussing how the Alien Predator species evolved with technology without making them lazy and less intelligent, it's a big topic at hand considering it's obviously happening to us. Sadly, I didn't save that article, maybe it'll pop up again on the internet. But if you listen to what this ancient historic story suggesting from Alien vs Predator movie, "Hunters would battle with these great serpents to prove themselves worthy." I think to me, that means getting out in the Great Outdoors and enjoying what it has to offer like fishing and hunting, rather than sitting on your ass and playing video games all day long! Also if you analyze what Predators have been doing, they've been using technology to make them better hunters, whether it's the use of drones or even new weapons.

"See they learn quick, they adapt, they develop a whole new set of skills, they come back the next season in threes always in threes, their armor might have changed or their weapons have changed or their tactics have changed it's amazing so it's like a Evolution!"

So what I've been doing is, incorporating technology like the underwater drones and even the new tech Garmin Livescope and Mega 360 in the sport of fishing... Some suggest it's cheating and should be banned in tournament fishing, however considering musky are fish of 10,000 casts as is and I don't tournament fish, the more technology that I can use to help track down these stealthy rare Apex Predators, the better! Some are even using drones to help track down their deer, so you don't have to risk losing the deer, the meat rotting or losing the antlers, some food for thought!

YouTuber Garmin Guru makes a good point if more gen-zs like fishing with the new technology and it's selling more fishing licenses, its good for sport. Lot of anglers, I mean a lot of anglers get burned out from musky fishing, why because of the learning curve and challenge... I think less anglers will be getting burned out once they incorporate livescope and mega360 into the sport of musky fishing, prolly make the sport much more exciting too, especially topwater...

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