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Enter the Era of Genetic Manipulation

If you aren't aware yet, the US Energy Department recently assessed Covid-19 likely resulted from being a lab leak...

I had written an article about this a few months back, but decided to take it down due to it being such a controversial topic, I made a video about it on YouTube, YouTube went so far to even saying the next video I put up discussing the subject will result in a strike. We also know that Facebook and other social media platforms went so far to removing lab leak posts and even banning people who even spread the theory, that eventually changed since I think officials realized its against our 1st amendments rights and it's starting to look more and more like the virus leaked from a lab.

"There are elements of the genome that are conspicuous and suggest possible laboratory manipulation such as the furin site. Matter of fact in June the chances that it came from the lab looked to me to be about 90 percent."

Now that we've finally reached first base, I feel more comfortable discussing this subject on my blog. There's obviously people out there that think this topic should only be discussed and debated by people with a scientific degree or scientific background... I tend to disagree, what if you've lost loved ones from the Virus? We all should be involved in this discussion since it seems lab leaks obviously keep happening, whether it's the outbreak that almost happened in Reston Virginia 25 years ago, the Killer Bee that was bread and accidentally let out of a lab, and the also controversial looming topic on whether Lyme Disease was also lab leak which has hit the fishing and hunting community hard...

USA Today - 10 Incidents Discovered at the Nation's Biolabs - "A scientist at Texas A&M in College Station-Byron stuck himself with a needle while injecting a mouse that was previously infected with a recombinant strain of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, in February 2014."

FOX 5 New York Reporter Emily Levy - "Next the book that's shedding light on a new theory on how Lyme may have been man made."

If you don't get why scientists are playing around with pathogens, insects, and animals in labs... The reason being is by altering or genetically modifying organisms they could help plan ahead by combating deadly viruses and bacteria with Vaccines through gain of function research, as well as possibly combat climate change with the Woolly Mammoth, also preventing foreign invasive like the Bighead and Silver carp from entering our Great Lakes and destroying a billion dollar economic resource in Michigan. Reason I also use the word altered, because it doesn't necessarily mean genetically modified, sometimes organisms are bread together in a lab like the African honey bee with the European honey bee in hopes of enhancing their production rate of honey, just like how a virus or bacteria can be excelled in a lab to enhance transmissibility, virulence, and immunogenicity so they can plan ahead with a Vaccine. So when an email from 2012 shows Dr. Fauci says "the research is worth it, even if a pandemic should occur, I suspect this is what he means by this statement." But I suspect the problem is how can the human mind plan ahead with the amount of pain and suffering these altered or genetically modified organisms could cause if they are every leaked from the lab, even if the pros and cons are being weighed by a genius Scientist...

John Stewart made a remark by saying we owe a great debt of gratitude to science, science helped ease the suffering of this pandemic, which was more than likely caused by science.

This all gets back to what was talked about in these science fiction movies Mimic and Deep Blue Sea, these movies are 20 years old, and they kind of guessed what could happen when humans start playing around with genetics... In one scene of Deep Blue Sea Sam Jackson's character Russell Franklin says just what the hell did you do to those sharks, Saffron Burrows character Dr. Susan McAlester explained how we could cure neurodegenerative disease, she then later said you wouldn't understand... Thomas Jane's character Carter Blake says "I wouldn't understand? Dumb Cartner... Jim, Brenda, Us..." The point Carter Blake is making that even Scientists don't account for what it's like when lives are officially lost, especially if it's not someone you know and love... This also gets back to the scene in James Cameron's sequel to the movie Avatar, where humans are killing wales by extracting brain material to help humans live longer, but not knowing the devastating destruction they're are causing to others that are connected and loved by the species.

The debate was even talked about in Mimic, where Dr. Susan Tyler saved thousands of children's lives by genetically modifying cockroach into a Judas Breed to stop the spread of Strickler's disease, they programed the genetically modified species to die out, but the end result was the Judas Breed stayed alive by mutating. In a way, it's very similar to how the Coronavirus kept mutating and stayed alive...

Storyline - "In New York City, cockroaches are spreading the deadly "Strickler's disease" that is claiming hundreds of the city's children. Due to an inability to develop a cure or vaccine for the disease Dr. Peter Mann, deputy director of the CDC, recruits entomologist Dr. Susan Tyler. In response, Dr. Tyler uses genetic engineering to create what she calls the "Judas breed", a hybrid between a mantis and a termite that releases an enzyme which accelerates the roaches' metabolism, with the effect that the roaches burn calories faster than they can nourish themselves and thus starve to death. The roaches carrying the disease are successfully eradicated."

In this episode, similar to Deep Blue Sea, when lives are being lost, Charles S. Dutton's character Leonard and Giancarlo Giannini's character Manny start pointing blame on Dr. Susan McAlester for not anticipating what may happen if you genetically modify or alter an insect, as Dr. Peter Mann from the CDC starts yelling back shut the F#%CK UP since they don't realize the thousands of children she saved from Strickler's disease... I thought both movies were great, they showed the controversial debate amongst people whether or not organisms should be messed around with in the lab! Yeah the CGI is a bit dated now, but with all the super hero movie crap constantly being pushed and a generation of kids growing up without movies like these, just be glad we still have movies like these you can glance back on and relate to what's happening now, compare what was predicted back then by Hollywood writers.

And these two aren't the first, way back when in the 80s there was also a Leviathan, but I think it was based more on horror and scaring the absolute shit out of you rather than actual science which showed how lives can be saved by genetically modifying organisms... But hey, lol, it was the 80s! Speaking of the 80s, ever realize the premise of the Ninja Turtles cartoon? Secret of the Ooze...

What's even more interesting, there's some YouTubers like What Lurks Beneath that bases a huge part of their channel around mutant like cryptid creatures that have escaped from the military lab, wonder if there's any truth to this? Not quite sure, but the stories are very interesting!

On the flip side, this is hypothetical of course, what if one day one of these bioweapon super creatures does save our country from a serious threat?

If you aren't aware by now, bioweaponry was outlawed by the Genova Convention in 1925 due to how gruesome it's shown to be through in previous history. Yes history, it's ironic that so many people think that bioweaponry, lab leaks, and genetically modified viruses are so fictional in today's world right? That's a Trump Theory and only conspiracy theorists like Qanon followers would believe right? Despite in the 1400s Romans strategically thought up the brilliant idea of launching dead animals over castle walls to spoil meat and spread disease. In 184 BC, Hannibal ordered his Carthaginian troops to fill large clay pots with some of the most venomous snakes that were then launched onto the enemies ships. In 15th century the new world introduced biological warfare as Spanish Pizarro “gifted” clothing to South American natives, the clothing was contaminated with smallpox. I think what it comes down to is how dumbed down and stupid Americans have really become. There's a poll that showed 2 in 3 Russians believe Coronavirus was a biowarfare weapon, yet only 3 in 10 Americans can reach first base in even considering the virus might have been a lab leak, is this how out of touch in reality Americans are? Here's the topper, a study on Pub Med showed our vulnerability "if" Covid-19 was a biological weapon. Again, breaking down the Home Depot article co-founder suggesting reason he thinks Americans are so vulnerable to the virus and causing the system to breakdown is basically because of the rise of socialism causing them to be lazy, fat and too stupid to work despite Rogan exposing the sugar industry lobbied scientists to put the blame on fat/meat instead of sugar/carbs. I guess turning Americans into a commodity for pure profit wasn't the brightest idea huh? Now instead of educating Americans on proper diet and food, lets give them an Ozempic shot.

So we've finally reached first base with the lab leak theory and gain of function, Dr. Fauci ends up being the fall guy, case closed and that's the end right? Sadly, I think gain of function could also be a cover story for the bigger picture at hand. What did Morgan freedom say in the movie Outbreak, "we don't just do research at it ends there Sam, we have to defend ourselves against the other maniacs who are developing biological weapons, that's the way the game is played." Meaning if the other side is doing it, we have to do it too basically. Countries have weaponized drones, social media and the internet, starting to realize there's a new thing called Havana Syndrome with Sonic warfare, government's are basically weaponizing every type of technology, so let me ask in what imaginary world do you think governments are going to stop weaponizing biological weapons now that they've made great strides in technology, seriously? It's so obvious what's going on considering what the Bond series emphasized and portrayed in their new movie, if you know anything about Bond films, they predict the future what types of technology governments and the military are working on. There's also this saying floating around the web that World War 3 won't be fought with nuclear weapons, but with biological weapons, because if hyper-sonic nukes are used we all lose because the land will become uninhabitable!

Former CIA Agent Jim Semivan - "You know, let me just say this, the last 10 years, I consulted with the intelligence community, and I was working on counter biological weapons. I mean, almost every government agency has come out and warned people that this is going to be happening down the road, and it's just a question of when."

But getting past the militaristic side of things, getting down to the nit and gritty about the environment, invasives and disease... This obviously deserves a huge debate, not just between scientists, but with Congress and the people, as well as other countries and the whole world, how far we should go with altering or genetically modifying organisms... Should we back off a bit right now or are we running out of time on things like climate change, foreign invasives such as Bighead and Silver Carp, and even alzheimers disease?

Genetic Control of Invasive Fish Species

Ya know, we could save millions of lives with this research, but at the same time we also might be opening up Pandora's box on militaristic side which could cost us 10s of millions of lives. I'm very sorry if you've lost loved one's from the Covid-19 Pandemic, if you think I'm kind of being inconsiderate and not being passionate enough writing this article, I do realize more Americans have died from this Virus than WW2, and I too was infected with lyme at one point in my life, which is also looking to be a lab leak and or bioweapon as well if you read Scientific Stanford writer Kris Newby's book Bitten, so believe me, I'm considering the severe repercussions of genetic manipulation, gain of function research, biowarfare, and lab leaks.

So to make light of this topic just a little bit, I know it's hard, but you might find this a little humorous, I didn't make this meme, the photo was being shared around Facebook and I had to post it here, I'm surprised this also wasn't banned by Facebook!

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