Favorite Scene in Movie The Hunted 2003

"Men don't respect animals anymore, they run'em down and kill them any chance they get."
"I think that's sad."

I think it's safe to say, we all have our morals and values the way we hunt and fish down our prey within the Outdoors community, I like casting for musky and don't really care for trolling because there's no sport. I always prefer using bow and arrow over a gun when it came to deer hunting, because again no sport and no challenge, but something Benicio Del Toro said in this scene hit home with me, it reminds me of how a lot of hunters and fishermen within the outdoor community are dismissive of climate change(Libertarians), PFAS, foreign invasive species, but more concerned about the way we're flipping a bass on a carpet, cull tags, live wells yet we've been doing these things forever, etc... Hence the Hypocrisy Bassmaster article... These things could absolutely wipe out some of these species of animals, yet they're more concerned about other bullshit. But analyzing this scene from the movie the Hunted 2003, Benicio goes "men don't respect animals anymore, they run them down or kill them any chance they get." Now someone might say, this is just propaganda from a Liberal Hollywood writer that Benicio is just repeating, but I think it does have some hidden meaning to it. To respect your prey more, respect the environment these animals live in, cherish the sacred ground you're hunting on!

I think these are two great memes, be sure to share them, but it makes me wonder if we're celebrating/bragging too much and not respecting the environment and the animals we hunt? People I fished with would constantly ask me what's the biggest musky I ever caught, even after I told them a few weeks ago, I said I didn't really care, I never measure my fish unless they're over 50 inches, longer you keep the fish out of water, longer you put their health at risk, so I don't measure them. But they constantly still brought it up repetitively... And I look at it this way, those that constantly brag about 50 inchers caught trolling on their charter, give me a fucking break, you let all the boat do the work, basically didn't slow the boat down and dragged the fish at the top of the water back to the boat. Have they fished the shoreline? Have they seen a musky jump 5 times in a row? Realize the opportunity of thrill their missing out on, while fishing for musky in the shallows, that they're more likely to jump!!! Nope, too busy drinking beers on board their trolling boats and bragging... By the way, I've read numerous musky articles specifically state, the 40 inchers fight better than the 50 inch musky many times over, simply put though some think it's all about being a dick measuring contest. We all have our ways of looking at things, don't we....

Hawkins who caught this 57 inch musky that only took 17 seconds, I can't remember or find which article, but he also said the 40 inchers fight a lot better most of the time, he's caught only eight 50 inch musky in his life time, and prefers using a fly rod. lol

Lets just say, it's not common, you see a Hunter/Metal God such as James Hetfield also being an environmentalist bee keeper, hence the video title, "bee keeper, who knew?" I think we need to change this stereotype, coming from words of Alpha Male Arnold Schwarzenegger on Howard Stern's podcast, about being an old school conservative and caring about the environment, I think there's a lot of insight to what Arnold's saying... Some may say he's just being a robot of Hollywood, he's been hanging around with that group for too long, but you could also flip that and say, some of you have been hanging around with your hunting and fishing group for too long too, forgetting about the land and more worried about competing on who caught or killed the biggest buck or biggest fish, I think there's something there, I really do... This also may hint to too much tribalism, how having a bipartisan system is dangerous, kind of what Jesse Ventura was hinting to with his book DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, when a lot of us are still in the middle and don't want to be bound to any corrupt group!

I suspect this scene where Benecio takes on two hunters wielding rifles with his knife, is great example what he thinks about hunting.

I'll say this, while I think while it's great Al Lindner has made room for Bible Time on Angling Edge, I think it's time to share that precious time with other things like climate change, PFAS, foreign invasives too... Similar to the way Hollywood has monopolized the market with their super hero movies and not enough fishing/hunting movies... Just a thought!

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