Where’s all the Fishing & Hunting Movies?

If you haven't notice after reading my blog, been pretty vocal about all the money going to super hero fighting movies. Look, super hero movies are great, very empowering and all that, but as Ethan Hawk explained, problems come in when the majority of money is going to movies like that just to make a buck. When great historical movies like Amadeus either wouldn't be made in todays world or would just fall into the category of independent film.

Not going to beat around the bush, as I never do. A lot of boys just don't read books growing up, I read a few whole books in my lifetime, I was more being taught by my great teachers and professors at Notre Dame High School and U of D Mercy College. Men in general have a short attention span, if there's isn't anything interesting in a book like a picture of a gun or bow n' arrow, you start to lose us. So imagine all the young boys we've lost if their losing historical films like Amadeus, Young Guns, or even Dead Poets Society. Who might I add Ethan Hawk was in... I wasn't a huge fan of poetry, but I was able to connect with that movie because of the incredible visuals and story line... Even Swing Kids was great too, what's the old saying, we must celebrate history so we don't end up repeating it!

As Kevin Sorbo is saying, there's 80,000,000 homes out there, where are the family movies? Some of the hunting and fishing movies that a I grew up on such as River Runs Throught It, that preached about religion, but not just that, but morals as well too. Showed a brother who had a bad gambling habit, yet both sport of fishing and church was able to keep him inline for as long as it did until he met his fate, how long would he have lasted without those two? Would Chris Farley or John Belushi lasted longer if he had a religion or a sport to cling to rather than the bar and drugs? Some Great Outdoorsman like Ted Nugent think so...

As some know me, I'm bit of a centrist, have good portion of liberal ideology but live a very conservative life, so at times I'm torn between my beliefs at times, but am always open minded to other people's beliefs and values. Lately though, I've been worried since there's starting to be a lot less middle ground for people like me. Just slight mention of word climate change, you're automatically labeled a liberal. Mention that Covid possibly came from a lab, you're a Trump supporter, despite lab leaks being American as apple pie. "10 Incidents Discovered at the Nation's Biolabs" Science is science right, so one should tell their kids their truth even if it's quite scary right?

I loved science and history, can't say I've never fallen a sleep during a long session at times, because it has been boring for me at times, but seeing how much that has helped me understand fishing and hunting more has been great! I think it's overall made me a better fisherman, as I think it's allowed me to discover a new realm to grow the hobby through new technology such as GoPros and even Underwater Drones. Showing a new generation that even though these are old school hobbies, you can incorporate new technology with them and grow the sport. Look at the sport of arm wrestling, Stallone tried to grow that sport with his movie Over the Top, but it never worked, now you have someone like Devon Larratt growing that sport through YouTube. A sport that would still just have a small cult following, but has now grown into something much bigger due to technologies reach and I'm sure it's inspired hundreds of thousands of boys and girls to go lift weights. Now he's even merged two sports together, when he paired up with BlacktipH, which I've tried to do with some car videos up on my channel, as well as hunting. I'm all for how new technology such as the electric motor could make the sport a cleaner hobby, as was Carroll Shelby... I know many others aren't since a lot of modifications like supercharger, turbocharger, loping camshafts will be taken away, but for all we know, electric muscle car could be short lived and something like hydrogen comes along, considering Bob Lazar's hydrogen Corvette. That's how evolution works, we move onto better cleaner safer technology.

While it's obvious that state of California is trying to adapt to things like climate change by eating Vegan, to reduce excessive carbon, as well as many other things such as an electric car. I think we have to be very careful not to completely change some of the sports and culture that many Americans love. I think it's by no coincidence there's a lot less hunting and fishing movies these days coming out of Hollywood, but as Sorbo says, speak up, express your opinion, that's what social media is good for... And like what I've been saying, even Sorbo has been doing, make your own movies, even if they're small and low budget, I'm sure they'll still be other people out there that you inspire. James Cameron was a truck driver and just went to a library to learn how to use a camera!

It's ironic repeating what Sorbo said, because even though some of us have been doing this within the sport of fishing like Todays Angler and Doug Wagner, we're still being told we're going to ruin the sport, you're going to blow up a spot, etc... I was read the rights by one local old school fisherman at Metro park saying remember when the River Runs Through It came out, how many bozos were trying to come out here tyring to fly fish? Ummm I'm thinking in my head wow... This dude wants this whole park all to himself? You gotta be kidding me, there's times when I'm out at Metro park when it's a ghost town, especially during the week. For the most part, I think a lot of kids are taking the easy way out, instead driving their bike or having their Dad take them over to the park, they're just hooking up their Xbox and Playstation instead. Is this the future where we want to be headed? A weird dystopia like Wall-E!?

There's definitely some entitlement within the sport of fishing and hunting community, that's obvious to me now, I always knew it was there, but it's definitely much worse than I expected, especially when pro fishermen have been caught in the act. All I can say is, dude the sport of musky fishing is already so tiny as is, most kids/adults are just not going to have the patience to fish for a species of 10,000 casts. But even if I can influence a few of them, I think it'll be great. Here's some statistics for you, the CDC estimates by 2050, 1 in 3 Americans will be diabetic. I covered the issue when fat/meat was demonized and carbs/sugars were given a pass... Well now it's time to get off your ass, turn that mush into muscle and go outside to lift some weights, fish, hunt, hike, camp, kayak!!! Whatever lol Just do-it, that's the slogan of Nike right, just have some fun!

And I'm not trying to entirely demonize video gaming, I do think that games and possibly Virtual Reality will have spot in the future for us hunters and fishermen, especially during the winter, with open world environments like Call of the Wild. I was one of the first one's to buy the Xbox add-on Kinect, invested thousands of hours playing ping pong and bowling on that console, loved it, hopefully gaming companies can incorporate something similar into the future, rather than some grim dystopia world like the cartoon movie Wall-E.

Anyways, some frown upon what YouTube or even Fish brain has done to the sport of fishing, that's fine, but there's always a different way of looking at things. And as Kevin Sorbo suggested, there's getting to be less and less of these feel good family positive movies like River Runs Through It, I guess some fishermen are happy about that, as one local expressed to me, but for me, just like Sorbo, I've decided to create my own fishing movies instead of waiting for Hollywood to produce them and decided to ignore the haters, toxic people within the sport, which might I add are starting to act like Vegans. Don't let the "fish hit the carpet, don't hold the bass wrong, demonizing cull tags, and tournament fishing is going to wipe out the fish." Bryan Brasher from Bassmaster - "And of course, I saw posts suggesting that bass will someday disappear from the face of the Earth if we continue putting them in livewells — even though we’ve been doing it for decades and bass populations are as healthy as ever." As I always say, a sport so harmless, yet so many are out for you, even anglers within your own fishing sport that are extremely jealous! And really, that's all that it is, animosity... As Stallone says, just focus on you, ignore the BS, I've had to cut loose people, I know others that have too. These people will camouflage jealousy into tricky forms to deter you from making great videos... It's obviously happened to people at the top Hollywood level too after listening to Stallone's story! I'm not trying to deter anyone from making great collaborations like Devon did with BlacktipH, but just be careful, as a lot of people will do some evil shit once serious money and sponsorships get involved, what happened to Jujimufu and his camera man was a great example. Denzel Washington once said, "when the Devil ignores you you're doing something wrong, but when Devil comes at you, you're doing something right..." Again even anglers from your own sport will camouflage this in all different forms, when basically you just know they're full of shit! Glad Bryan Brasher from Bassmaster took time to write that article, because I know it's getting worse!

I'll also say this, there's nothing wrong with questioning the narrative of our culture. While the top comedian girls were given a chance in a top cult classic sci-fi film remake like Ghostbusters, I still ask why the top comedians weren't given a chance like Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Louis CK, maybe even I could see Vince Vaughn... Some of these guys worked their way up from nothing, they deserved better then small part in King of Island or Mandalorian! Directors would always take the best comedians from modern day to put in a Comedy, what has Hollywood done? Kevin Sorbo - "Start asking questions" It's been well known that Billy Boy and his crew have always been outspoken, some say that's why Patrice never got his due? Some say that's where Patrice's jealousy starting to come out when Bill was starting to come up, if you listen to Opie and Anthony video. When human beings are involved, there will always be "clicks," different groups that controls things, aka monopolies... Start to ask questions... Clicks starts off in grade school, work their way to high school, then college, then well you could say the work force... Tribalism

Some were suckers for the nostalgia in the recent Ghostbusters film because they basically stacked it with nostalgia, I'll admit it was good, but it wasn't great. And I'm glad I'm not the only one... Just like anything, when something that has a huge cult following it's remade similar to what GM did with the modern Pontiac GTO, people were very pleased and enjoyed to see nostalgia hit the market, but after a few years pass, people start to realize it was a dud because it didn't incorporate the heart of what a muscle car was meant to be, the aggressive lines and bold curves, the true muscular stance. The 05-06 GTO turned out to be something on the lines of like a supercharged Grand Prix GTX, Bonneville GXP or G8 basically, a sportier looking sedan. If you like that fine, nothing wrong with that, but just like Ghostbusters, the Pontiac GTO basically started it all, the car that started the muscle car era. For Lutz to take look of an Australian sport sedan and slap a GTO badge on it was a fucking disgrace! I laugh at the people that are all up in arms over the Banshee's sound, meanwhile they gave Lutz a pass along with the 05-06 GTO, saying electric car will never be a muscle car, even though personally I think it looks sick. Sound can always be improved on, which I think Mopar said they're reworking the exhaust as we speak. As I explained in an earlier article, Viper and Grand National sounded like shit, still became legends. YouTube Channel Four Eyes said - "At idle, these cars don't sound too much different than a vacuum cleaner." As I said in this video about electric muscle car, Dodge better not do what Bob Lutz did, go what with what "they" thought would be a great futuristic GTO muscle car, and not what "fans" wanted it to be. That's the problem with people when they become in charge, they put out what they want and not what people want.

Some say what made Caddyshack and Predator so great, is more improvisation, turning the actors loose and letting them unwind, rather than everything always being scripted. If you watch the making of Caddyshack, you'll understand that. Also, I think if you can have all the best camera technology in the world and CGI, what makes these movies Terminator 2 and Aliens so great, wasn't the technology, we've made a bunch of sequels since then, they've all basically bombed. That's why I say, just buy a standard camcorder like I use, you don't need to have the best DSLR or Mirrorless, just get out and shoot, film, have fun. It's within the Director and actors to create a great film! I still think the original Top Gun was a lot better than the first because the Director(Tony Scott - RIP) and actors/acting were a lot better!

One of the best movies ever created in Hollywood was mainly improvised, as Harold Ramis?? put it, the "editing was a disaster!" Maybe that's the key, more freedom to act rather than always being scripted, maybe that's why Hollywood is so off track, everything is always scripted nowadays! ?This whole Scene was Improvised by Bill Murray. By the way, the Critics hated this movie!

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