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Ford Mercury Hot Rod from Book of Love 1990

Muscle Car bench seat that was very sexualized and good for cuddling, amongst other things!

Vice and many other news publications emphasized on a study that suggests the reason why some men are so attracted to sports cars because they are trying to make up for compensation, lol, while I'm not surprised there's somewhat of a connection, the truth is that sports cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and lead sleds have always been part of our sexuality and culture since day one. From similarities of bold curves on a sports car to women's hips and legs, loping camshaft, and adrenaline rush of drag racing. Sorry, there's a lot more going on than young men just trying to compensate... And even if you don't like these type of cars, I'm sure there's a motorcycle or luxury car or electric car or even a boring standard sedan that suits your own sexuality and personality, despite this study specifically singling out men!? And really, that's what the movie Book of Love was about... A great movie that went under the rug and was actually missed by many gear heads! A sort of American Pie type movie but with cars, I remember seeing this back in the 90s and falling in love with the whole hot rod culture, it had hinted to what the car scene was like back in the 1950s and how much cars were a major part in teenage culture, also hinting to the different clicks of nerds, squares, greasers, and jocks. When I was in High School at Notre Dame, sure we did our share of street racing and some of my friends owned nice cars, but having a hot rod wasn't as popular to teenage culture in the '90s as much as they were back in the '50s, hence the movie American Graffiti which everyone knows.

My Father said a lot of changed happened when they started to tearing down the Drive Thrus, I mean the Clean Air Act was the biggest blow to the muscle car era because of change in emissions, but I think there was a lot more changes going on than what you think during that era... I heard many reasons they were stealth-fully starting getting rid of Drive Thru lots in certain neighborhoods, towns, and cities because it supposedly brought alcohol, drugs, gangs, fighting, street racing and dancing to the forefront... Believe it or not, there's still one Drive Thru still alive in southeastern Michigan called Eddie's Drive-In.

These things did exist and went on, but if you noticed, even though majority of Drive Thrus closed down. Gangs, fighting, drugs, street racing still persist to this day... Point is, if human beings find happiness and joyness out of these things, despite how unsafe they can be at times, maybe we're still meant to enjoy them!

If you haven't seen this movie, be sure to give it a glance. I'm not even sure if it ever hit the Theaters, it may have been at TV produced movie or a movie that bombed at the Theater and went straight to VHS... A great soundtrack(if you like doo wop music) and showing of some nice hot rod cars, also known as Lead Sleds! This 1940s Merc was just gorgeous, having this hot blonde just sugar coated it nicely... And honestly, if you always think men and women are owning these type of cars to constantly make up for compensation, sorry, it's obvious that these type of cars have always been sexy and beautiful from day one, I'm definitely not afraid to say it. Be sure to click the photo down below that will take you to the full movie...

Getting back to the similarities of the curves of sports cars to women's hips and legs, there's definitely a huge similarity of big slicks on rear end of a car muscle like the Cuda to a girl's heart shaped booty!

As we start to making the paradigm shift from combustion engine to electric, I just hope the figure heads are thoroughly thinking through and are careful on what they may be removing from our culture, hopefully we learn from our mistakes from previous history with Drive Thrus. I get we have to adapt from excessive carbon in the environment that's causing climate change, but I think we can still make the change by using a cleaner fuel source such as electric or hydrogen yet still keeping the beautiful essence of these car around, I like the direction Mopar is headed with the electric Charger Banshee.

By the way, another good movie to watch that went underneath the rug and didn't get much credit was also Heavenly Kid. It's quite obvious that muscle cars and hot rods make up a huge portion of our culture despite what some stupid study suggests trying to sum it up in one small heap! One thing's for sure, despite the huge change in emissions with the Clean Air Act of 1970s, these types of cars somehow made a come back... And while some are worried that the electric engine or hydrogen engine may kill of the muscle car again, just history repeating itself, I believe the muscle car era will never die out, even if these cars do go away for a short period of time, I think they'll eventually make a comeback!

What are they on Fast 10 right now? Even if they discontinue the Fast and Furious series, I still believe they'll be doing splin offs with movies like they've done with the Rocky series! There's those of us that will keep the legendary hobby alive, even during a Pandemic, I still went out and filmed the 2020 Woodward Cruise, which channel 7 Detroit news claimed was canceled, probably not the smartest thing, but hey, there's the reason why we call us the Motorcity here in Michigan! I think even if zombie outbreak happened, people were raised from the dead, somehow these cars would be part of our culture and people would still be cruising Woodward!

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