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Infrared Aerial Drone

Have you see the wicked drone equipped with infrared recording a dog tracking down a wild boar? It's definitely made it's rounds on Facebook, the technology is pretty amazing I'd quite say and we're starting to find it's use for even tracking down wounded whitetail deer when hunting, there's an entire YouTube channel based on it called "Drone Recovery... Be sure to check out some of the clips... Definitely saves you from losing your deer, along with rotting of the meat or trophy antlers. Never lose a deer ever again!

It's pretty amazing how you can still see the heat signature and trail leftover by the wild board after it disperses from being scared by the tracking dog!

Firefighters and the Police are also using this incredible technology as well to save lives, like being able to pinpoint where exactly this fire is in this house.

You know what it's also being used for Militarily?

If you seen this video, you might of missed what this Top Gun Radar specialist Kevin Day said...

"I think that technology upgrade that our ship had received. I think it gave us the ability to finally suddenly see these things"

Anyone seen Mothman Prophecies... "You're telling me these things do not exist. Oh they exist, but on a new realm we've never seen, electricity, microvwaves, infared waves."

Remember when the Mexican government released this video years ago

"It has been reported that all of the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) have been sighted from infrared cameras by skilled pilots. UFO footage from the Mexican air force that has been leaked is an authentic reporting of an actual incident witnessed and reported by the pilots who could not see anything with their naked eyes, but had tracked 13 UFO objects flying in formation on their radar."

There's definitely a world beyond what the human eye can see, you can count on that!

Like someone said in the comment section, remember when this drone footage hit the web, it was everywhere, then all of a sudden got buried... Prolly has to be one of the most authentic footage, similar to what Bob Lazar said, the disc starts off tilted on it's side then propels forward, wicked cool!

Elon Musk once said, Ai will be so quick you won't be able to see it, some food for thought since Linda Howe said when they cut through one of the Grey's arms, the skin turned out to be synthetic. Goes back to this theory that each civilization has become so technologically advanced they ended up causing their own demise and the only one's to survive are the robots.

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