“Oh they Exist, But On a New Realm We’ve Never Seen”

"You're telling me these things do not exist. Oh they exist, but on a new realm we've never seen, electricity, microvwaves, infared waves."

If you notice, both Tic Tac UFO filmed by our Top Gun pilots were filmed in infrared, so was the film shot by the Mexican Air Force, otherwise the human eye wouldn't see it!

Ya know how I talked about how we underestimate the intelligence of animals, we're just depicting what our human eye can see, not what's going on at the microscopic level or even another spectrum level, be sure to watch James Cameron's documentary series Super Natural get ya thinking outside the box!

"It has been reported that all of the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) have been sighted from infrared cameras by skilled pilots. UFO footage from the Mexican air force that has been leaked is an authentic reporting of an actual incident witnessed and reported by the pilots who could not see anything with their naked eyes, but had tracked 13 UFO objects flying in formation on their radar."

And with my own analyzation of humans analyzing animals and the super natural, as this national geographic documentary series explains, humans, especially within the group of liberals it seems, always have a tendency to dismiss something as a conspiracy when it can't be measured, weighed or seen. I think that's very ignorant and not very scientific wouldn't you say? I seen Joe Rogan refer directly to scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson with Jeremy Corbell how ignorant he is on this topic in this podcast by the way...

Still love what Michio Kaku said on Rogan, you know his comment was totally directed towards Tyson... "well you know when i talk to my friends who are physicists like myself about hese things they sort of like laugh giggle their eyes roll up to the heavens and they say something very simple that a rocket using conventional means would take seventy thousand years to reach us from the nearest star therefore these objects cannot exist. But open your mind to the possibility that they are a thousand years more advanced than us a thousand years is nothing compared to the age the universe right the universe is about 13 billion plus years old"

Sounds very similar to what Elon Musky said about scientists who think they are smarter than Ai... "The biggest issue i see with so-called ai experts is that they they think they know more than they do and they think they're smarter than they actually are this is this tends to play playing smart people they're defining themselves by their intelligence and they they don't like the idea that a machine could be way smarter than them so they discount the idea which is fundamentally flawed that's the wishful thinking situation." Maybe they can drop Jim's sphere on top of Neil Degrasse Tyson's head when it's verified... lol

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