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Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise ‘you saved Hollywood’s ass’ and Top Gun saved the Entire Theatrical Industry’

This is an important article that every American should read!

Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise 'you saved Hollywood's ass' and Top Gun: Maverick 'saved the entire theatrical industry’ in moving clip from Oscars luncheon

It's incredible how much film and video technology is important to our economy, culture, and country.... These aren't just videos, there's a lot more going on than we think, I still get many people thanking me on a daily basis for the fishing videos I put out on YouTube... They're no where near as good as the movie Top Gun, but you never know who you may be influence to learn a constructive sports and hobbies such as fishing, hunting, cars, underwater drones etc...

A sport like hunting and fishing may someone save you or someone else's life... The movie River Runs Throught It preached about religion, but not just that, but morals as well too. Showed a brother who had a bad gambling habit, yet both sport of fishing and church was able to keep him inline for as long as it did until he met his fate, how long would he have lasted without those two? Would Chris Farley or John Belushi lasted longer if he had a religion or a sport to cling to rather than the bar and drugs? Some Great Outdoorsman like Ted Nugent think so...

Still giving out addresses 🤣❤
Incredible how technology connects us all, like a part of me is still there

Comments like these definitely inspiring... That Modified Mepps spinner video turned out to be pretty hot video, 77 likes and 4,000 views

Here's a quote from the article

"It’s going to draw people to theaters who haven’t been in a long time"

I think this goes back to what Kevin Sorbo recently said about Hollywood....

"Hollywood puts out movies that many people don't want to see anymore"

And what Ethan Hawke said about the over abundance of super hero movies just to make a buck, meanwhile movies like Amadeus and One Who Flew over the Coocoos nest would be considered "art house" movies... Young people grow up thinking that's all there is...

I've touched on this many times before, I'm not going to fully go over it, I wrote an article here on "Where's all the Fishing & Hunting Movies?"

Again, this isn't just leaving out phenomenal movies like River Runs Throught It, but also historical movies like Dead Poet Society and even Swing Kids... What's the old saying, "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It." - George Santayana

If you aren't aware, we're living in a time now where even corporations are having a hard time making profit off their films so there's lesser and less of them because of new technology like streaming and pirating making DVDs going away etc... So you're not only getting less films because of this, but if you have a group of producers and director that have one way of thinking, thinking a certain type of movies like super heroes should be the main celebration of culture, well that's also where the problem lies... Especially out west in California where hunting and fishing is frowned upon due to growing popularity of Veganism within culture. I think you start to realize the problems when a market is monopolized, even under a free market, if there's only one source that's solely putting out films such as Hollywood, that's all you're going to get.

"you know showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn't fly in Marin County."

And like what Sorbo said "You can shoot movies on a much lower budget than what Hollywood does. I do it and you can do it."

Keep making hunting and fishing videos on YouTube, don't let movies like River Runs Through It die out and keep the sport living on through the internet!!!

And I have to say, the action packed style of Top Gun filming by the original director Tony Scott has definitely influenced me in my own videos, without a doubt!

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