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Where Men have Failed, Women will Succeed

Scientific Stanford Writer Kris Newby - "Crimes against Humanity have been Committed"

2016 Pulitzer Prize Finalist Journalist Annie Jacobsen - "There's an Amazing photograph of John Kennedy, Lindon Johnson, Kurt Debus sitting for a launch, a moon launch, and there's Debus with his huge dueling scar and oh there position was, he's one of the good Germans. They still give out an award by the way called the Kurt Debus award and I wrang them up saying why are you giving out this award, he was a hardcore Nazi. Rogan - what did they say? They himmed and hawwed, at least tell me what you say to people who ask that question? You know what they said, no one's ever asked us that question before Annie!"

Politician & Army Reserve Officer Tulsi Gabbard on Military Industrial Complex

Minnesota Assistant Attorney General Barbara Freese on Climate Change - "One of the witnesses was a pretty prominent scientist named Frederick Seitz, who has since died, but we didn't know, what I didn't know when I cross-examined him, I mean this was a shoestring operation, was that he had spent a lot of time actually consulting for the tobacco industry."

Investigative Reporter for Three Decades Mary Beth Pfeiffer - Lyme The First Epidemic of Climate Change

Greta Thunberg Rips World Leaders at the U.N. Over Climate Change

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenging the status Quo on the UAP Coverup

Some food for thought, when Robin Hood said it, a man, he was held a hero.

Lauren Greenfield documentary Generation Wealth examines materialism, celebrity culture, and social status and reflects on the desire to be wealthy at any cost.

Pulitzer Prize Writer Chris Hedges - "It's kind of like the end of Rome. Society's accrue their greatest wealth at the the moment that they face death."

I will say this... I always knew that men were sort of in denial over topics pollution and climate change when I was in my 20s, as I've brought these topics up with men on fishing forums and in personal discussion many times, over the years I've watched their reactions, witnessed what they've said, and thoroughly analyzed their comments. Back in the day I didn't quite understand their position, I had a hunch that some of it was due to lobbyism and propaganda(muddying the waters by big oil similar to how the tobacco industry did with the link between cigarettes and cancer), also the lack of will to change(because electric or hydrogen car will change our culture and muscle car hobby due to lack of sound and modifications), tribalism, but as I've gotten older, wiser and recently turned 40... All are very relevant, but it's all starting to make sense now... I think pollution is one of those controversial topics similar to criticizing the military or should I say military industrial complex, where men are afraid to take on the responsibility of criticizing or critiquing these controversial topics, because soon as you do, you're immediately put in a category of being weak, tree hugger, or Anti-American.... But I also think it's much deeper than that, lets face it, empathy is not one of men's finest traits, it just isn't. As I started to analyze how very few men have taken part in becoming an environmentalist or pro-active in a page like Save Lake St. Clair Foundation... While many fishing charters and fishing organizations have taken part in conservation of rare species such as musky and trout, lets face it, very few have ever take part in something such as Save Lake St. Clair Foundation. My hope is that where men have failed, women will succeed! "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

There's this stigma that women lack the courage and strength, they mostly have fear and are easily scared by things, sorry, this is not what I'm seeing in modern day women...

Brains and intelligence is much stronger than strength will ever be!

I remember 6 years ago when there was musky buzzing the waters like fire flies, musky where everywhere, charters were getting like 20 musky per boat, you couldn't keep musky off of your hook, then all of a sudden next year there was a big musky die off due to VHS. If an animal species is causing an imbalance in the ecosystem, the planet or mother nature will find a way to bring back the balance through insects(Ticks - "They Help to Control Animal Populations") and pathogens(lyme), I also suspect the planet implementing more female traits in males could bring back the balance too, this paradigm shift within our culture is what men call wokeness. While I too am a bit worried of going overboard with this shift that could result in a lot less men participating in constructive sports like hunting and fishing that promote exercise and getting vitamin d from sunshine, in return could result in a dystopia world like Wall-E where men are out of shape playing video games instead, but where we're headed with being a civilization less war mongering may be inevitable. As countries start move their chess pieces in the possible next World War 3, this time around, it could result in the entire destruction of planet with Nukes, we still have locations like radioactive dome starting to leak more and more radiation into the pacific from the last world war as water levels rise from climate change. I suspect this is why countries and governments are playing around with biological weapons instead, as portrayed in James Bond, but really, that's just a slower means to an end as we cripple each other's own economies, what then, anarchy and Mad Max dystopia? Yeah, sounds like fun! I suspect James Cameron's thoughts on testosterone being a toxin may be linked to what I'm talking about, as well as this old clip from his movie the Abyss!

Richard Preston, The Hot Zone - "The earth's immune system, so to speak, has recognized the presence of the human species and is starting to kick in. The earth is attempting to rid itself of an infection by the human parasite."

"Eighteen-century English economist Thomas Robert Malthus theorized that when exponential population growth surpasses the ecological capacity to sustain it, famine, wars and epidemics will ensue ("positive checks") to restore the natural equilibrium."

Ya know on the flip side, I gotta admit, some of the Greta memes and shorts are pretty humorous...

Funny not so funny? lol Gotta admit, Pretty fuckin funny! Yes, us men are fucking twisted, don't try to understand us... lol

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