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Mental Health Awareness

So mental health awarness month is right around the corner folks, I thought I'd get a jump on this after seeing an increase of suicides this past week in the news, one of them being YouTuber Coconut Kitty, aka Diana Deets. It's probably not right to pass too much judgement on a person, considering you don't know what they've been through in life, but after studying her, it's obvious that even having all that popularity and even knowing the most popular people in the world still means nothing, considering she took her own life.

Also, my personal thoughts on her diet... I still think people are effecting their brain when starving themselves and even going on vegan diet, not sure if she was on a vegan diet, but obviously she struggled with weight problems looking at her. Looking skinny for what, fame and fortune, was it worth it? Article suggested she was striving for the petite look to bait older guys, what some women call Sugar Daddies.

What's ironic is, people are even doing this on the opposite with the popularity of mupbanging like YouTuber Nick Avocado, basically eating themselves to death for fame and fortune.

I think it's good that social media is getting people to strive for a fit healthier body, but remember the word BALANCE! Balance is key, you don't have to look all ripped and jacked out of your mind like Chris Hemsworth from Thor. Thankfully Derek from More Plates More Dates went out of his way to break down the realism of the movie, Hemsworth does not look like this 24/7, the portrayal is completely unrealistic. It's been known even back in the day, celebrities would hop on TRT to give them that extra push when they have a million dollar role coming up for a movie, it's been rumored that VanDamme did this, even Charlie Sheen came out with his honesty and said he did this for Major League, to put a little more speed on a his fast ball believe it or not...

And while I think a lot of people are looking for easy routes like benzos such as Xanax and Antidepressant SSRI drugs like Zoloft to constantly fix their depression and anxiety issues! Remember once you're off these drugs, guess what happens? Your brain spins out of control and you have withdrawals, because your body no longer produces that chemical that controls anxiety, depression etc... 60 Minutes did an episode on this not too long ago warning of the side effects!

I think there's a lot of things you can do to fight depression and anxiety by modifying your diet and exercise, maybe even just getting out fishing in front of the sun! Joe Rogan just did a segment on a study showing how much spring makes a difference when the sun comes out more... People are having more sex, people are getting out more performing sports, and a positive mind set when spring swings with more sunshine versus winter in Denmark! Goes to show the importance of Sunlight and Vitamin D... So if you're living in the north, don't get out ice fishing much or hunting for whitetail in the winter, it's probably best to start supplementing Vitamin D in the winter.

Getting back to eating right! Again your brain is 60% fat, your testosterone is derived from cholesterol which testerorone is known to fight depression and give you confidence, and yes women's body still make testosterone. Until they start developing meat through stem cells to fight climate change, I don't think there's anyway around it, you have to eat some form of meat for these reasons!

Factor in herbicide glyphosate acting as an antibiotic on our good gut bacteria, you also have to incorporate probiotics to keep a positive mind set too! Hence the gut-brain connection!

I think it's well known by now, you get a release of endorphins when running after getting the so-called runners high, but did the same benefit can be boosted just by lifting weights inside, what was Arnie talking about...? The pump, is just as good as having sex with a woman...?

I think if you incorporate a little exercise, healthy diet with simply meats and vegetables, some Vitamin D, and some probiotics daily, you're basically on to a better path, simple as that.

I've heard some Scientologists like Tom Cruise suggesting that Psychiatry still isn't entirely figured out profession and you can treat your depression by other natural means through diet and exercise, after seeing the new study come out on the gut brain connection. Just a hunch, but I think he's on to something... And I wouldn't go to the extreme of calling psychiatry a pseudo science, therapy and drugs definitely work, however once you're off the drugs, the withdrawals are bad and therapy is expensive! And unlike those treatments where you have to go to Doctors office and depend on those treatments, you can do these natural treatments like Vitamin D, exercise, healthy meat diet, and probiotics right from you home. I would exhaust all natural avenues first before going down the big pharma route! People who are disabled and can't workout or exercise, it's understandable they may need these drugs to treat their depression... But I think people tend to just on them too early before trying something else first.

I think Hollywood years back, put out a warning about going overboard with drugs and treatment with the movie Disturbing Behavior, I ranked that in my top 10 all time favorite horror movies in the #3 spot.

3. Disturbing Behavior - "A teenage psychological sci-fi horror movie, this one went underneath the rug and many of the new generation haven't heard or seen it! It really reminds me of all the parents in the 90s that fucked up there kid by getting them addicted to Ritalin and Xanax at early age at my Catholic grade school, that later became a gateway drug for many of them at an older age... Just like anabolic steroids, once you take these SSRIs for a long period of time, guess what, your brain & body becomes dependent on them and shuts down the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, GABA that deal with anxiety, so your brain depends on these SSRI drugs for rest of your life. RIP some of my friends that didn't make it to 40... Appreciate my Parents not getting caught into the big pharma scam just so I can concentrate on studying some bullshit homework, my Dad helping me study was my Xanax, something a lot of Parents don't do with their kids these days, hunting and fishing was also my natural scapegoat to relieve anxiety and stress, as your brain releases endorphins when participating in these sports... Commenting on this scene of these teens smashing this 1969 Ford Mustang Sportsroof, I'll say this, even if a Mustang could be very unsafe and drag racing is illegal, I still think you're meant to feel and experience exciting things in life, these things have always been part of free America!"

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