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Top 10 Horror Car Movies to Watch this Halloween

I'm going to list some of the top horror movies to watch this Halloween for the new generation since they're so caught up in the super hero these days, as actor Ethan Hawke put in the newer generation is missing out on historic art they learn from and actually relate to, I think since Covid hit I think they've really limited on what movies have to offer when I was a kid. I think kids these days grow up watching these super hero movies thinking that's all there is... And I'm not going to list the movies that every simply knows and has obviously seen like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers! Most of them will be related to cars, not all of them will have a full automotive story line, but they'll at least feature some sweet vintage rides regardless.

1. Christine - Probably has to be the most sinister car movie till date, there's been talk of a new Christine being in the works, but how could you ever top the original? What's not to fear, when a red fiery Plymouth Fury smashes into a 1967 Chevy Camaro, then puts itself back together like nothing, then goes after it's next victim or should I say prey. If Ed and Lorraine's paranormal work shows that a doll and many other objects can be simply possessed by demons, imagine if a car became possessed?

2. Death Proof - I have a huge love for both Quentin Tarantino movies and Chevy Novas, when I heard he was going to do a horror car movie, I knew there was going to be some brutal scenes in it. You can expect this guy to always surprise you even if you know what's coming, expect the unexpected if that's possible with a Tarrantino movie...

3. Disturbing Behavior - A teenage psychological sci-fi horror movie, this one went underneath the rug and many of the new generation haven't heard or seen it! It really reminds me of all the parents in the 90s that fucked up there kid by getting them addicted to Ritalin and Xanax at early age at my Catholic grade school, that later became a gateway drug for many of them at an older age... Just like anabolic steroids, once you take these SSRIs for a long period of time, guess what, your brain & body becomes dependent on them and shuts down the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, GABA that deal with anxiety, so your brain depends on these SSRI drugs for rest of your life. RIP some of my friends that didn't make it to 40... Appreciate my Parents not getting caught into the big pharma scam just so I can concentrate on studying some bullshit homework, my Dad helping me study was my Xanax, something a lot of Parents don't do with their kids these days, hunting and fishing was also my natural scapegoat to relieve anxiety and stress, as your brain releases endorphins when participating in these sports... Commenting on this scene of these teens smashing this 1969 Ford Mustang Sportsroof, I'll say this, even if a Mustang could be very unsafe and drag racing is illegal, I still think you're meant to feel and experience exciting things in life, these things have always been part of free America!

Ted Nugent on the Disturbing Behavior he's monitored throughout the years, how hunting has turned into a natural anti-depressent for him to seek out happiness, not pharmaceutical drugs! And there's a lot of things I don't agree with Ted on, his downlplaying Prion Disease on Joe Rogan, like some conservatives do with scientific topics like Climate Change, he comes off pretty harsh at times, but he made a great point here!

Killer soundtrack too, Got You (Where I Want You) - The Flys, song newer generation might not heard of! At the end of the movie, Dr. Edgar Caldicott that was brain washing the students says "there'll always be other towns and other troubled teens and other worried parents, science is God!" I think this is something we can learn from and relate it to the modern era... Science doesn't always have the solutions!

"Instead of saying hey Teacher, leave them kids alone!" In modern day this song the lyrics should be hey Doctors/Parents, leave them kids alone!

4. Phantasm 2 - Flying chrome balls hitting your fore head and sucking all the blood from within you, what's not to like when there's a Cuda in this movie. It's a bit dated, but I think this was the best of the best from the Phantasm movie series. It's definitely a b movie at best, but still the eerie soundtrack theme and Angus Scrimm playing the Tall Man should still scare the living day lights out of most youngsters these days. The flying spheres remind of the flying orbs reporter by George Knapp at the Skin Walker Ranch, then two hunting dogs were left as greasy spots on the ground after a confrontation. Does art imitate reality?

5. Monstersquad - If you've recently seen my post about History Channel's Monster Quest, I kind of revealed one of my most favorite fan made trailers from this movie. Ya know while everything being so toned down for kids lately when it comes to the new sci-fi horror movies, I think directors like Fred Dekker and writers like Shane Black didn't hold back in the 80s, while there's sort of a comedic prescence in this movie, there's still plenty of scenes that will make you jump and even make your question whether or not monsters are real? While there's not much of an automotive presence in this film, the scene where Dracula's car drives right through the cop car was pretty sweet!

6. Sometimes They Come Back - Starts off with a Hot Rod flame thrower stuck on train tracks, as two youngsters get bullied by older teenage bullying Greasers, one purposely misplaces the keys, with the Hot Rod nowhere to go, it gets t-boned by a train inside the tunnel with the bullies inside. One of the youngsters being bullied from that horrifying day has dreams constantly throughout his life as he grows older, thinking later he may have to deal with his inner demons one day, he decides to put the past behind him and move to a new city. But turns out he was right, as his dreams turn to real life when these Greasers come back decades later as demons and he just became a new teacher in a city called Milford, the monsters start to kill his students one by one... By the way, Milford, that sounds familiar, one of the scenes shot at Kensington Metrokpark maybe? I think it had a great story line! The Hot Rod doesn't do the majority of the killing this time like in the movie Christine, but the 55' Chevy One-Fifty still shows a menacing presence making these monsters much more horrifying.

7. Wraith - Not a very horrifying car movie, but there's still has a sinister presence from this payback type of movie, as an old street racer gets murdered by a pirate car gang that unfairly races their opponents, he seeks revenge and comes back to life as sort of a ghost, aka Wraith and kills each of these car pirates one by one! Some of the action scenes were quite ground breaking for the 80s era, the soundtrack was pretty bad ass with artists like Billy Idol and Ozzy Osbourne having some hit songs on the soundtrack! Many critics call this 80s cheese, but say what your want, if you're a gear head, you can watch this movie over and over again never get bored, which can't be said for a lot of the stupid modern day movies. As I always say, you can have all the best cgi and camera technology in the world, this is not what makes a great film, especially when it comes to sci-fi and horror!

8. The Hitcher - Got very very poor ratings by critics, even dogged on by original Hitcher fans, but for me, I never seen the old Hitcher even though I'm a huge Rutger Hauer fan, so maybe this is why I liked this film so much. I thought Sean Bean brought a frightening presence of a man that seemed to have just snapped and decided to take out all his frustration on the average citizen and then finds out he enjoys the rush. The scene with the Chopper, Cop Cars being completely eradicated by the black on black Smokey n' Bandit Trans Am was incredible. I think it's a very underrated movie!

9. Jeepers Creepers - Old rusted out 1941 Chevy that terrorizes a 1960s Chevy Impala, what's not to like! So many great scenes in the film that will make your jump and keep you on edge... One of the most exciting things about a new horror series, is when the creature isn't fully revealed in the beginning of the movie and the movie slowly builds up with fear and excitement, which this corn field monster seems to feed off of, slowly building up fear is kind of like the first Predator did and turned out to be a cult classic, which I think Jeeper Creepers has also become a cult horror classic. Fans have even customized their own Chevy Rat Rods to honor this film! Even though Creeper 2 wasn't as good as the first, still some scenes that are really cool and will have you jump!

The monster killing cops in this scene was riveting, completely unexpected, kind of like the end of Candyman 4.

10. Needful Things - If Satan drove a car, what would he drive? Maybe the movie Needful Things gives you an idea! A 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300d W189 Adenauer. This movie really gets into depth what evil deeds humans beings will do for materialistic things. I still think Ed Harris is one of the most underrated actors to date, gives a portrayal of a cop that still goes out of his way to save his home town even though it's stepped into the 7th circle of hell. Kind of reminds me of what's going on now, with the uncovering of corruption within our government and even the police force, I suspect there's some great cops out there that will do anything they can to save their own town from evil! A very twisted movie that will leave you with some horrifying memories... A movie that I know a was great film, but I don't like watching like over and over again like some of the other movies I mentioned above because of the sinister scenes!

Some other great car horror movies I can recommend are Dark Half, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Drive Angry, Super Hybrid, Joy Ride, Tales from the Crypt - King of the Road, Maximum Overdrive and of course Death Race with Statham... All good horror car movies but they really didn't make my top 10...

Also be advised, I just heard there's a new tv series in the works based on the car game Twisted Metal, which I suspect could turn out to be a hit show if done right. Just this small trailer alone on Sweet Tooth, just shows where writers and directors could take this film, little too demented for my taste though...

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