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Sinister Side of the Alpha Male

So I've talked about how we're now living in a new social media credit system and linked it to these youtube social media fights within the fishing world, now I'm just trying to make sense of it all...

Bottom line, are alpha males really concerned about way you handle a fish or really deep down they just can't tolerate another angler catching more fish or a bigger fish than them? As I always said, if they're concerned about the fish's health, why aren't they bringing attention to why we can't keep the fish at Kent Lake and the beaches closed down due to PFAS? I think this article on "growing threat of hypocrisy in bass fishing" recently touched upon it, but didn't go into detail why... So why are anglers calling out other anglers and bashing them for flipping a bass on the carpet of a bass boat, demonizing cull tags, suggesting that bass will someday disappear from the face of the Earth if we continue putting them in livewells... Acting like PETA activists when we've been doing these things for a long time now..?

To make sense of it all, enter Navy Seal David Goggins

Recently this Navy Seal was on the Joe Rogan's podcast, talking about cancel culture how there was a Navy Seal within his own team that purposely went out of his way to make YouTube videos to try to discredit Goggins because he was starting to become very popular influencer on the social media platform, suggesting he was dishonorably discharged, kicked out of the seal teams, refused to fight in combat, when really, it wasn't at all true. Most people would think this is no big deal and as Goggins put it, many people said that another Seal would never do this... But as Goggins explained the commonly said quote, "We Eat our Own." When Alpa Males are from a tight fraternity like the Navy Seals, "we have this macho stigma, we're the best of the best, we're the baddest mutha fucker in the world." He goes later "I beg to differ..." Then brings up how a kid died going through Navy Seal training... And how he's not a fan of Navy Seals "because of the lies, some of the leadership problems, character issues and I got to see that a lot" he says!!! I will say this, it takes two tough dudes to expose the sinister side of the way Alpha Males act, especially when it comes to something so honorable such as the Navy Seal group.

Best of the Best scene from Top Gun. - "Just remember when it's over out there, We're all on the same team." Goggins definitely puts new meaning to this statement!

Another example that happened was within the Bodybuilding community with Influencer Dave Palumbo was when he invited to talk on Joe Rogan podcast, then all of a sudden IFBB sports announcer Bob Cicherillo allegedly wrote Rogan that Palumbo wouldn't be a good representative of the bodybuilding community, Bob later denied writing it, but it's of very similar circumstances of Alpha Male dominance and cancel culture we're seeing these days, who wrote it doesn't really matter.

Anyone remember the claim Chris Kyle made about Jesse Ventura...? During that the time Kyle made his claim in his book, Ventura was on the up, he had a very popular show called Conspiracy Theory discussing lab leaks on Plum Island, exposing corrupt side of the government and also came out with a book exposing the dark side of a bipartisan system DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans. I guess someone didn't like that, I talked about how you make a lot of invisible enemies you aren't aware about in the social media credit system article right? Well come to find out, I guess someone didn't like the level of popularity Ventura was getting and decided to come out with his own book and claimed he got in a fight at the bar with Ventura, after Jesse supposedly said Navy Seals "deserve to lose a few guys" and protesters also called Kyle a baby killer. Hmmm, wonder where he might of got that idea, maybe a movie... Just like Goggins said, he was tempted to take the other Seal to Court like Ventura to protect his reputation and disprove what this other Navy Seal was saying about him, but eventually that Seal backed down and apologized directly to Goggins, sadly Ventura never got that apology...

John Rambo - "I come back to the world, I see all those maggots at the airport, protesting me, spitting, calling me baby killer and all kinds of vile crap."

What's sad is, someone like Jesse Ventura hasn't been able to reach the fame he did after this incident, he's gone on popular podcasts like Open & Anthony, Powerful JRE, and Graham Bensinger to try and clear his name, I think it has to a point, but I don't think it has entirely after the incident? Even afterwards, he's resulted to going off the Grid(basically a man now without a country), going on a Russian news network to bring his show back, he also tried to get back on Opie and Anthony, but I guess Jim Norton was still on his high horse, still had to make fun of him, despite winning in court, complete disrespect if you ask me for someone who fought for our country in a different time period. One thing I know with people is, they're fad followers, what ever's popular during certain time and place, they follow. I know many people that were saying fuck the police in the Biggie and Tupac era, later grew up to be blue lives matter supporters. I'm a big fan of Ventura, he's gone to great lengths to talk about when something like when something like "Climate Change" doesn't fit a person's ideaology, they just completely dismiss it like the Libertarian party even though it's "happening right in front of their eyes." And without a doubt, I have the utter most respect for Libertarians, many were outspoken about the lab leak theory like Ran Paul and lock downs, but it seems, when something doesn't fit within their bubble, maybe shows weakness linked to lets say PETA activists or Greta Thunberg, I don't think they don't want to take part in any of it. What's ironic is, they are, if you consider the way the bassmaster article was comparing these anglers to PETA activists in the article lol. I like using the terminology "manchild" the way some anglers act on the water when they get showed up or intimidated by another angler at a honey hole... Because really, this is how low some anglers will stoop, going from being a tough man, to acting like a child when they don't get their way. How could anyone like a Navy Seal stoop to the level the way Goggins is explaining by making up stories as if this other dishonorably discharged, kicked out of seal teams, refused to fight in combat? When they're all lies...??? There's something we do with whistlblowers within this country, when it comes to telling the truth and someone like Gary Web, RIP, have you seen the movie Kill the Messenger?

I laughed when Rogan said who's going to be the next Alpha Male at CNN after Chris Cuomo was fired and then mentioned Anderson Cooper as the next Alpha Male, lol, remind you Cooper piled on Ventura saying "I cannot believe that Jesse Ventura successfully sued the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL. Has he no shame?"

Shame hmmm... What I can't believe is, a reputable reporter like Cooper coming to immediate conclusions without examining the investigative evidence first, but lately, that's what corporate media has been doing lately, hasn't it? Just relying solely on opinions without any actual investigative work! Interesting, considering what this article is saying now "Ventura Was Right in His Lawsuit."

Again lately I've been using the terminology manchild to describe the way some anglers are invoking their dominance over the fishing spots lately, but some like Nick Fish even went far to calling them Karen's kids, which fits them well too actually... Because really, this is how they've been acting, slashing of tires, claiming commercial fishermen are the only one's entitled to this spot on the ocean, trying to kick out 1Rod1Reel on a public river, the marina incident..." One angler wrote to me once out he said it takes guts to write about this stuff, he said he knows are person that was even killed over a honey hole a few years back. I go yeah, it does, but I look back at what my Grandpa fought for when it comes to freedom in World War 2, then think how it really isn't a big deal... And as I explained to him, these anglers are just looking at it from their point of side of dominance, they don't realize they're going against freedom or what some Libertarians believe in, a free market, as Nick Fish explained to the commercial fisherman, "you have a business I have a business." And to me, with less movies coming out like River Runs Through It and discharged conservative actors like Kevin Sorbo who claims we can make our own movies: "you can shoot movies at a much lower budget than Hollywood does" - Sorbo, this statement keeps me motivated along with the story of James Cameron going from truck driver to film director. It's great that anglers like Ben Nowak, Nick Fish, 1Rod1Reel and even Fish Fray are bringing light to this topic by posting these videos! And like I said in previous articles, these alphas aren't stupid, they'll disguise or what I like to say camouflage their animosity into things like you're hurting the fish by flipping them onto carpets, breaking fish's lip, fishing pressure, trash around lake, when really all it is trying to rule their dominance over their fishing grounds or preventing you from succeeding, again think I'm making this shit up, again watch the Goggins video, read the bassmaster article and you'll see these things relate!

Bill Burr also has this weird bit he always chuckles about when referring to adults, for some of people they have child like minds stuck in a grown man's body, their body's matured, but their brain hasn't lol.

There comes a point in time when you have to rid yourself of some of the toxicity within some of these fishermen like Brian Schram did, I've had to do it as well too, because eventually it became all they talked about was how other YouTube anglers doing this, doing that, claim one "Youtuber's sight fishing and fishing the bass beds, another Youtuber's bringing "too much pressure to Kent Lake" when it's a public lake. It became to the point where these people became so toxic, I can't associate myself with them any longer, sad to say... It came to me that apparently these anglers were getting triggered by just a small single bass fishing video... I've heard so many crazy things man, one angler said the other angler buys views, buys his subscribers etc... I guess you could say this part really goes back to the social credit system where people are flipping out over how they can't tolerate another person having more subscribers or views than them. This is a new weird thing to understand psychologically, but I've witnessed it first hand! One YouTuber went out of his way to send a boat load of comments to other YouTubers to subscribe to him and like his video, just to catch up with other YouTubers who had a lot more subscribers than him, weird? And if you think this just started with social media, invoking dominance over a spot, this has been going on long before YouTube, again if you read Brian Schram's story on the Lake St. Clair Forum. Whether you like Brian Schram or not doesn't really matter, some say he lied about having a charter license, he's lied about other things, regardless, what he talked about is very relevant to what I've been seeing and hearing lately on how some anglers think their more entitled to spots over other anglers.

Brian Schram - "Many of you have probably heard of the great Mini and his experience on Lake St Clair. Mini use to take me out smallmouth fishing on a regular basis and showed me a lot of things about smallmouth. We were very good friends until one day.....I realized his game. I realized how he thinks that every spot is his spot on the lake and i began to get annoyed. There was a tourney where my friend who was fairly new to smallmouth fishing was fishing with his partner. They were fishing his partners way point and it happened to be on a spot that Mini and his partner were fishing. Mini and Derrin got so mad that somebody was one "their spot" that they threatened to call the coast guard to get them off it lol. I mean really?? So after that I had had enough and called him out on it. Since that day we have not talked much and our relationship was destroyed. THAT is why Mini Maniaci talks crap about Brian Schram because I called him out on his own crap. I'm sorry but i don't care HOW long you have been fishing Lake St Clair, there is NO spot that is "your spot" and I promise you somebody knew about it before you did. So don't act like your Gods gift to fishin and say things like "thank you for your contribution" at the end of winning a tourney. It's just about having CLASS."

Here's Mike Iaconelli explaining that a pro fishermen should be more entitled to the water than the traditional 5 day week hard work fishermen that wait for a weekend to fish their local lake, some call these weekend warriors. What's he promoting? Appreciate the one angler for posting this video and catching it, later Mike posts his own video suggesting someone else is acting like they own the water, when we've seen him act that way over and over again! Definitely manchild syndrome! lol And I'm not talking about healthy competition, don't get it twisted, I think that good competition is great for a sport, but ramming boats, slashing tires, yelling at people over spots on public rivers, lakes and "oceans," it's just not healthy competition!

As the Bassmaster article stated in the end, we really gotta start nipping this in the butt before it starts to get out of hand. As I said about Robbie and Lee from Today Angler or Doug Wenger in another article, if you think their immune from these things because they have a charter business and have quality reputations, believe me, they're not. I recently posted a about the chatterbait medusa mod in the Musky Nut group and one angler said "why am I just copying their shitty footage?" I laughed my ass off, shitty footage? copying? That's a good one. Robbie and Lee's videos are anything but, lol, they actually have the most popular musky channel on YouTube right now. And what ya know, when I looked up any chatterbait medusa mod on their channel in the search box, nothing was to be found. Here's an interesting story... During down time of Covid, I was over at Blossom Heath pier and stumbled across another veteran musky charter angler that saw me recording my expedition, then we got this topic of Robbie/Lee from Todays Angler and he kind of talked about how he thinks they're bringing to much pressure from out-of-staters to our home lake at Lake St. Clair. I didn't say much, but I "listened" to everything what he had to say... Then another musky buddy of mind explained, yeah in one video of Todays Angler, you could see another group of musky anglers yelling and waving their hands in the background trying to disrupt Robbie and Lee's filming despite being a full qualified charter business...

I'm very glad to see Doug Wagner making use of the new membership service on YouTube, I think that's very groundbreaking for this sport and charters, where subscribers pay when they want to ask for tips on musky fishing etc... I think we're starting to see some huge changes in the industry, changes that some anglers do not like, for one, are not tech savy enough to be doing what Robbie and Lee or Doug Wagner are doing, so all they can do is show hatred.

I think the musky charters that are relying just on photos are dinosaurs, video is the next best thing... And guess what, underneath your videos you can advertise your custom musky lure on the YouTube shelf, custom T-shirts down there too, as well as embroidered hats...

By the way, I see Jon Bondy just hopped on board the bandwagon with a new podcast that will be coming out soon... But I see it's just a podcast, not videos out on the River and Lake... Big Jon said the podcast will just be for fun, but I'll say this, the one thing I know is, whether it's fishing spots or "fishing tips," other anglers don't like secrets being revealed, nor do they like the sports being grown, which can lead to what they call fishing pressure. I think as David Goggins expressed with the Navy Seal group, it's best of the best, you could say the same for musky fishing community. This is a very tough sport to compete in, it's a fish of 10,000 casts, some very much like it that way. If technology like YouTube or even technology like Panoptix Livescope could change that, making a fish of 10,000 casts taking to down to a fish of 100 casts, I know why some anglers especially wouldn't like that change.

Here's a depiction of what happened when technology changed the sport of baseball.

"first guy through the wall, he always gets bloody, always, this is threatening not just a way of doing business buddy, but in their minds is threatening the game, but it's really what's threatening is their livelihood, it's threatening their jobs, threatening the way that they do things, and every time that happens whether it's a government or way of doing business or whatever it is the people who are holding the reins have their hands on the switch they go batshit crazy I mean anybody who's not tearing their team down right now and rebuilding it using your model they're dinosaurs."

Boogie Nights Going from Film to Tapes

Getting back to this quote from Moneyball "threatening livelihood, threatening their jobs..." I'll say this, it's quite obvious that someone like Professor Live or even the Googan Squad is not at the athletic level the pro athletes are, they probably never will be, but that doesn't really matter when you have personality, kind of like what was expressed in the movie Pumping Iron. There's been many bodybuilding athletes that are a lot bigger, more ripped, and vascular than Arnold ever was such as Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Phil Heath etc... But because they didn't have the charisma, they just never made it to the level Arnold made in the movie industry, politics, etc... I mean some are, like Dwayne the Rock Johnson, but that's wrestling... It's fascinating to watch this cultural shift happening with technology... But it's also quite dangerous, as Michio Kaku is suggesting...

"Every time I open the newspaper, I can now see the birth of a Type 1 Civilization, but it's dangerous, because we now have hypersonic nuclear weapons, we have the ability to create designer germs, have the ability to alter the weather."

Anyone remember the Lords of Dogtown movie, when the amateurs became more popular than the surfer pros when skateboard in pools and ramps started to take off? The jealousy and animosity that came from the surfer pros? lol When the one youngster stole his girl, aka Sofía Vergara, smoking hot! lol

And like I've been saying, because I went from bass fishing to musky fishing, started off with spinning and using lighter baits, I had a lot, I mean a lot of musky fishermen tell me I shouldn't use spinning. I was told baitcasters handle the bigger baits better, reel the fish in better with ease, better for doing figure 8s, etc... I might have never stumbled across a valuable lure like the Strike King 8.0 and musky's attraction to the vibration of squarebill crankbaits, if I hadn't started off with spinning and cheaper means, just like Eddie Van Halen did with his custom Frankestrat. As I always say, do you, sometimes ya gotta focus on yourself, find your own rhythm within the sport, ignore the background noise, believe me there's a lot of it. Again Sylvester Stallone was told he was too small, had a slur, etc... Just like Professor Live!

And please watch your back Anglers, this is from one YouTuber to another, as David Goggins put it with "We Eat our Own" and said "what makes people feel good, when you become successful and I had to realize this, and this guy made me realize it," is how they basically build you up then tear you down, nothing's more satisfying than this to certain alpha males. This Monsterquest video footage of a pike eating a pike over territory from comes to mind... It's obvious Alpha Males are quite cannibalistic, aren't they? lol Be careful out there Outdoorsmen, as I always say, a sport so harmless, but willed with drama lol... This is coming from a Criminal Justice Major who have studied Psychology at U of D Mercy, I have a fascination of studying both Apex Predators in fishing and people in Criminology, little did I know how much they would overlap, what I noticed is people's hunting characteristics come out whether they can control them or not, then they try to disguise or camouflage with petty bullshit reasons... And I'm not trying to demonize the Alpha Male completely, it's one of the reasons why are country's military is so strong, but just take notice of the characteristics and identify them, all I'm saying. Analyzing all this from psychological perspective, do you think that maybe technology like social media has made it easier to identify alphas, maybe even identify and analyze sociopaths and psycopaths a lot better(new modern day word is Trolls), before these people were able to easily hide within a group, something to think about... And of course I'm not saying all alphas are sociopaths, psycopaths etc, that's of course ridiculous to think that, however, is it much more easy to identify who and what people think when you analyze their social media page? Something to think about... Might be why there's a distance between female and males nowadays, as incels start to grow... Scary to think how intelligent investors like Rupert Murdoch, Walton family, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos were easily scammed by someone like Elizabeth Holmes, great to see videos like this making it much more easy to identify a sociopath's characteristics...

"Pike's aggressive nature has no limits, including attacking it's own kind. It is not known whether the smaller pike in this video was attacked for crossing an "unknown boundary" or if it was an intended meal."

With Avatar 2 set to release, James Cameron recently made a statement calling Testosterone a toxin, people were astounded, even me, as he didn't explain what he meant by this...? Maybe what he meant, was some of the stuff I'm discussing in this article now, but I'm still not sure... I would never say something bold like that because testosterone is what can prevent cancer and keeps muscle on your body, maybe this goes back to what I said about some people hanging around with ideological groups for too long of time, but I'm not quite sure... The guy is highly intelligent, so maybe it's something you don't find out till you get older, as I've learned a lot of things as I've grown older, wiser and look at life differently than when I was in my 20s or 30s.

Joe Rogan to Bill Burr, does eating elk make you more aggressive?" 😁

Some say, we're in a huge cultural shift from someone like the typical Alpha Male in Leadership roles to a Sigma Male, such as Joe Rogan? Because bottom line, who would Trump someone like Trump, where history showed a top Alpha usually wins under these circumstances? lol I think we've been witnessing someone slowly take another person down under the new social media credit system without realizing it... "King of the Morons", Remember Drain the swamp? Sounds like someone's family has been apart of the swamp all along! Fascinating how some were willing to go to jail for this top alpha, lol, does this go back to what Bret Weinstein and Jordan Peterson said some of us have something lurking within our genome that just locks onto certain strong characteristics of leadership, yet we have to be careful of...

I think the whole point of this article is kind of watch out for toxic masculinity, it exists, I liked what Rogan said in this video on cancel culture... People said now Men should be weak, docile, and you should be a pacifist... No!!! Be a monster, be ruthlessly ambitious, but learn how to control it, sadly many aren't controlling themselves, instead developing lies and falsehoods to take down other men in this new social credit system... I think I've been witnessing a lot of this in the fishing community lately ever since this new social media credit system has rolled out like YouTube.. I really didn't know what to think of it at first and where where all this this toxicity was coming from, but now it's quite obvious!

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