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Women’s Reality Shows creating more Sociopathic Tendencies?

Bill Burr on reality shows and the Kardashians

A lot of people have been led into thinking, let the market decide for everything, it was always makes the right choices for our culture. But if you examine what some of the brilliant minds are saying as we're border line with Artificial Intelligence like Elon Musk, we'll need rules and regulations to control AI technology. We're seeing serious impact from no regulations on Opioids, which has allowed pharmaceutical companies not tell the truth how addictive and deadly they are. As well as how Stanford Scientific writer Kris Newby explained with unchecks and balances in our medical care with Lyme Disease. Free market also doesn't seem to be making the right choices for Climate Change either, here's a clip of Joe Rogan suggesting that he wouldn't recommend free market making the proper choice for Net Neutrality or Climate Change... But also, I think we're starting to see the serious impact certain TV shows are having both on our children and adults. Lets be honest with ourselves, how constructive is a TV show like the Kardashians, what are they promoting...

Joe Rogan 23:15 on Spotify - "There seems to be an ideological rift, there's certain people not very well versed in this issue that automatically side one way or the other, this is the thing we do in this country culturally, right left thing, you see it a lot with global warming, where you have a conversation with people they say global warming is a natural process, natural cycle, the earth goes through it. And you actually talk to them how much research they've done, they fall into these ideological groups and those pull yourself up by your boot straps, right wing, ya know there's this conservative way of thinking, let the market decide and this that conversation. I don't think that's an honest conversation if you're dealing with monopolies to internet access."

As Bill Burr pointed out, they're actually promoting constant materialism and tearing down each other, creating constant gossip, constant drama... Instead of trying to focus some of the people's viewership on something constructive such as Basketball. He makes a hell of a joke about this, it's absolutely hilarious, but it plagues my conscience into thinking, if this is creating more women with sociopathic tendencies? If something like the Kardashians is the norm within our society, it makes me wonder why I'm starting to see more and more of stories like this man that committed suicide at Disney Land or one that's been more popular, Johnny Depps story with his ex-wife Amber Heard. I also had a friend in his 20s, that was accused of rape, when I know he did not and would not do that, the girl in the long run just stopped spreading the rumor.

Ya know, people are starting seriously wonder why so many people are taking part in cancel culture, even with loved ones, yet I ask, is the answer right in front of our eyes? It's quite well known within the clinical psychology that sociopaths and psychopaths like to feed off of people's negative emotions while bolstering themselves up... Well if, the Kardashians is constantly promoting tearing down other women and constantly creating gossip and drama, well, what do you think our kids are going to emulate? As well as adults? Since they see this on a day to day basis on the TV, yes they still have free will, but since kids are still developing at a young age, do they know right from wrong at a young age? It will come down to probably the Parents decision making on regulating things like the TV and smart phone I'd say... I went to a Catholic school all my life, even in college at U of D Mercy, I knew a lot of conservative parents that limited their kids viewership on TV, video games etc... For good reason... But it makes me wonder, if parents are still doing the same these days...

How relevant is this topic to fishing, well as I pointed out, instead of promoting something constructive like a sport such as basketball or fishing for women, they're instead promoting these reality shows that are quite toxic, maybe this goes back to what Kevin Sorbo is saying when a certain group(primarily Atheism and Veganism) has entire control over Hollywood, as I pointed out, when's the last time you seen a feel good family oriented movie based on religion(morals) and fishing(constructive sport) like River Runs Through It? I wonder if any conservative people are starting to wake up to this fact...? You can have a free market, but some people don't realize once a market is monopolized like Hollywood, the ones who solely put out movies, that's it... A particular type of movies and shows is what you'll be forced to watch, this is what Kevin Sorbo is saying, yet there's 80,000,000 million homes.

I was very happy to see Anastasia Patterson make the front cover of Bassmaster magazine, what an accomplishment, she's just fishing for the wrong species, she needs to be fishing for musky ? j/k I love bass fishing too, but preferably smallmouth due to the stronger fight!

It amazes me of how popular a comedian like Bill Burr is, but yet has yet to get in his own film, but some say due to Bill Boy pointing out the negative qualities of the current system, like Joe and Bill's idol George Carlin did, some say he'll probably never get his due just like his friend Patrice for being outspoken. Kind of rings a bell to what happened to Sorbo!

Even China is limiting what their kids can see below a certain age on TikTok, interesting piece on 60 minutes...

"Harris says the version that served to Chinese consumers called Doyen is very different from the one available in the West! In their version of tech talk if you're under 14 years old they show you science experiments you can do at home, Museum exhibits, patriotism videos, and educational videos and they also limit it to only 40 minutes per day. Now they don't ship that version of tick tock to the rest of the world so it's almost like they recognize that Technologies influencing kids development and they make their domestic version a spinach version of tick tock while they ship the Opium version to the rest of the world. The version served to the West has kids hooked for hours at a time, the impact Harris says is predictable. There's a survey of pre-teens in the US and China asking what is the most aspirational career that you want to have? In the US the number one was social media influencer and in China the number one was astronaut, again you allow those two societies to play out for a few Generations I can tell you what your world is going to look like."

A great quote from Philosopher Seneca - "If you live in harmony with nature you will never be poor, if you live according to what others think, you will never be rich."

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