What Happened to Low Budget Sports Movies? – Aspen Extreme 1993 & Sideout 1990

If you read this blog, you know I'm quite the critic of Hollywood lately, promoting nonsensical unrealistic diets like Veganism when testosterone levels are at an all time and being obliterated by herbicides like Atrazine... Barely any hunting and fishing movies coming out Hollywood lately... Well what happened to the low budget sports B movies like Sideout and Aspen Extreme in this modern era when the CDC is suggesting that 1 in 3 Americans will be diabetic by 2050? You really have to ask yourself when's the last time Hollywood has done a quality ski movie?

Even though someone would never classify these movies as Oscar winning, Rotten Tomatoes giving it a score of 22%, they still became cult classics, some are still more watched than many Oscar nominated films because of the love for them... So what's that say about movies in General, well for one they don't have to be loved by critics and second Oscar nominated movies are overrated, a movie like Fast and Furious is point in fact this on it's 10th film right now. Movies like this would basically get your fat ass out of the couch if you lived in the north during the winter, get you to try a sport you've never tried before lie skiing. Here in southeastern Michigan climate change definitely makes it harder because we barely get any snow on our hill tops or even thick ice over at Ginos for ice fishing, remember when we could get 200 cars out on the ice over there... But you can still gather the family together and take a trip up to Boyne Mountain resort!

It just amazes me Hollywood has all this time and money for super hero movies, but barely has anytime to create these Legendary Cult classic sports movies anymore... As Ethan Hawke stresses the new generation isn't learning about history or music films like Amadeus because they're not being made anymore, but also missing out athletic movies like Aspen Extreme.

"Hollywood movie Aspen Extreme (1993) was never going to win an Oscar (its score on Rotten Tomatoes is 22%) but even people who watch arthouse cinema know you can’t make a pizza without a little cheese. Retaining two of the biggest legends in ski history as stunt doubles elevates this straight-to-video effort. That’s Scot Schmidt (left) and Doug Coombs (24/9/1957 – 3/4/2006) photographed during filming."

"In 1993 (30 years ago) my brother Kirk and I Composed and Produced A Song for this Hollywood Production...We had never been to Aspen. Kirk and I are both in Colorado right now and I made this photograph yesterday to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Motion Picture "Aspen Extreme"!!! Thank you God for Divine Convergence...This movie was described as "Top Gun" on the Ski Slopes!!!"

Aspen Extreme not only promoted athletcisim and competitiveness, but also gracefulness of the beautiful Outdoors and the curves of a woman's body in a tight ski suit!

"Aspen Extreme (1993) was filmed in collaboration with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing in beautiful Blue River."

Having a quality volleyball movies is rare as is... But even though a lot of cheese came out of the 90s, some still consider Sideout 1990 a cult classic masterpiece with C Thomas Howell and Peter Horton.

See sports like skiing and volleyball aren't the most popular, but when a movie is made about them, it definitely helps put them on the map! Brings a lot of popularity to them, even though they aren't shown on the TV as much as they were in the 90s when I was growing up... Gen Zs and Millenials still stumble across them from time to time giving them a different perspective on life, rather than sitting on their playing video games all day long or watching Mr. Beast videos turning into Wall-E and Idiocracy!

Just like Aspen Extreme, Sideout definitely showed athleticism and competitiveness of the sport, but also sexiness of woman's curves in a swimsuit, along with a decent soundtrack which a lot of the modern day movies are lacking these days.

What's nice is, from time to time YouTube makes these movies free to watch even though you have to watch some advertisements.

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