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Retro Themed Nintendo Turbografx Arcade Cabinets

New arrival! #turbografx arcade cabinet created by @arcade816 pic.twitter.com/QaqKvVUCE9— supergrafx (@super_grafx) August 21, 2020 [caption id="attachment_5219" align="alignright" width="170"] New vs Old Challenger Comparison, very Retro[/caption]If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a sucker for retro themed stuff, whether it's my new Hellcat Challenger, some of the old fishing lures I use, collecting old baseball…
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Super Heroes of the 80s

I really love some of the super hero movies, but I think I've burned out from them lately and lately I've been starting to think on the lines of Ethan Hawke said, we should be celebrating more of our history like Amadeus, rather than the money constantly going to fictional super hero movies just to…
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Movie Prey 2022 – Actually Based on Native American Folklore?

Isn't it interesting that Native Americans believe in Sasquatch and Skinwalker, but us Americans thing it's all bullshit? Or is it? After new revelations are being uncovered in the documentary Skinwalker Ranch by Jeremy Corbell in Utah's Uintah Basin as well as documentaries like ex-SWAT ex-Detective David Paulides Missing 411. History channel even now has…
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