Electric Outboard Motor for my Crestliner Superhawk for Musky Fishing? Torqeedo

Got approached by another company to do a review on this Lithium Battery on Amazon...

Been working a lot, a lot of overtime lately, it's sucks not having enough room to do more reviews and fish more often! I still gotta get a video up of the Gladius Mini S, just received a new software update, hopefully fixes the brightness bug issue. But wouldn't it would be cool to have a battery that lasts 10+ years and get 4000s+ charges versus the the standard lead-acid batteries that tend to fail a lot earlier! Not even have to fill up at the gas dock, just charge your boat right from your own well, not worry about any fire hazard issues and paying an extra hefty bill at the gas dock?

I would love to try this Torqeedo out one day as an electric outboard for my 16' Crestliner Superhawk. I have motion sickness, got a pop a Dramamine pill just about every time I go out. Having the extra fumes from my 2 stroke outboard always made my motion sickness worse when I was trolling for musky or bass. And any time I parked my boat next to the Grosse Pointe Shores Park/Grosse Pointe Yacht Club pier fishing for musky in the shallows, I swear the diesel fumes coming from the Yachts are just horrendous. I hate smelling this shit out on the water, it amazes me fishing on a lake so big such as Lake St. Clair, that these damn diesel fumes hang so much in the air. Makes me fucking gag! By the way, did you know every year people die breathing in the fumes just by sitting on back of a boat? Even saw this on channel 7 news last year... As well as a boat catching fire filling up at the gas dock...

While I still have sweet spot for natural combustion engine for the muscle car hobby and I think we should still be allowed to celebrate automotive history every year with these vintage cars, possibly with a cleaner source such as alcohol, I have to say, I will be very much glad once boats get off of petroleum!

I do think, as I'm starting to notice a sort of rejection of this new technology within the musky community such as Livescope as well as electric motored cars within the muscle car hobby, I think it's quite obvious why there's such a major denial in Climate Change, because this cleaner technology will be seriously changing both sports, which is a major cultural shift change, as I stated in a previous article, muscle cars are the fabric of our society here in the Motor City, so is fishing considered we're called the Great Lakes... First off, with muscle cars you won't be able to do any more exciting modifications like supercharger, turbocharger, nitrous, head/cam packages, as well as aftermarket catback exhausts and headers that create a loud sound.

And with musky fishing, a lot of anglers are pissed it's kind of making the sport less of a challenge, as well as making it more like a video game. Remind you there's a reason why they call this a fish of 10,000 casts, it's a challenge both to catch a musky and land them. I think if we lose that, maybe a 50 inch musky might not be the prized catch it once was, just a thought... I know plenty of bass fishermen that have tried musky fishing, failed doing so, put their tail between their legs and went back to bass fishing. It's not for everyone!

I mean I can really relate to both points of view in fishing and car facebook groups I took a screen shot of, because I always modified my own muscle car and fishing lures, my 2002 Trans Am I added Kooks headers with custom true dual x- pipe exhaust, the sound that came from this car was amazing... We'll be losing that, as well as losing the winding noise of the roots supercharger that my 2004 Cobra Mustang made. And what's ironic, while I'm all for greener technology and these new cool underwater drones, for the most part, my fish finder never worked from the get go on my Crestliner Superhawk, believe it or not all the musky I've caught in my youtube videos, they'll all been found and caught organically, just from my own intuition, knowledge and research of studying this species of fish of 10,000 casts. I honestly love fishing that way, I guess you could say I'm old school when it comes to that, some call it fishing blind, but I think it can make you a better fishermen and make you thing outside the box rather than constantly count on electronics. Here's an article where experts have even said electronics are making people dumber believe or not. Ya know, is a fish finder what made Kevin VanDam the fishermen he is today? Fuck no, it's helped, but very small percentage. I mean, I'm not going to lie, this new Livescope technology is definitely the next step in evolution, it's definitely on another level. While maybe sidefinder maybe help out VanDam's skill level like 10-20%, remind you I'm just guessing, don't get your panties in a bunch, maybe the Livescope could give him a boost 25%-30% boost. It's that good! So good, I've seen some anglers like Benjamin Nowak discuss on his podcast whether or not this just be made illegal for tournament fishing, like live bait! But even then, I still think anglers like Kevin and Mike Iaconelli will be the top dogs in tournament fishing, still yelling at each other and arguing over who's more entitled to a spot than the other, that reminds me by the way.

I'm starting to notice patters, same animosity towards the anglers and gear heads using fish finders and electric cars these days, same rejection I'm seeing toward anglers that record and post their fishing expeditions on YouTube too. While at first I kind of sided with anglers complaining that fishing a small local spot on a river or inland lake could blow up a spot, being more fishing pressure, left over garbage on the land too. I'm starting to notice more and more yelling at YouTubers on bigger water too, such as the Nick Fish video, which was on the fucking ocean. Again, despite your view point on who's more entitled to fish a spot more than others, remember we do live in a free country or even what some of these Libertarians are now preaching a free market, which means a level playing field for businessest. Allowing Nick Fish's youtube business to succeed, just as much as these commerical fishermen who are bitching and moaning this is their spot only!

lol I still sense a sort of rejection from even the musky community about the YouTube thing... I know a lot of musky charters haven't adapted from photos to video as of yet, even Jon Bondy himself still posts primarily photos instead of videos unlike Doug Wenger and Robbie/Lee from Todays Angler. But honestly, I think these charters would be gaining an extra source of income from sponsors maybe, as well as free products, the adsense ad revenue on YouTube, as well as publicity for their businesses. I know for a fact, through the grape vine, lot of sour grapes as one angler put in one of the comments he made on my youtube fight video, then deleted it, some local musky anglers were giving Robbie and Lee some major flack. Shouting and waving in the background of the videos, trying to distrupt their filming footage, basically acting like fucking Karens. Believe me, this shit does going on, considering what Brian Schram said on LakeStClair.Net forums before anglers were even youtubing... "They were fishing his partners way point and it happened to be on a spot that Mini and his partner were fishing. Mini and Derrin got so mad that somebody was one "their spot" that they threatened to call the coast guard to get them off it lol. I mean really?? So after that I had had enough and called him out on it." And then Schramm said "I'm sorry but i don't care HOW long you have been fishing Lake St Clair, there is NO spot that is "your spot" and I promise you somebody knew about it before you did. So don't act like your Gods gift to fishin and say things like "thank you for your contribution" at the end of winning a tourney. It's just about having CLASS." I have to agree with him!

Bottom line, people are set in their ways, they believe a sport should be played one way and never should it evolve, we found out that in the Russian 5 and Unrivaled documentaries. Sadly life doesn't work that way, as all the living beings on this planet are set to evolve, even with fishing, it seems that the musky are evolving as well, as they seem to be starting to hunt on top of the water too now.

I think local musky charters don't know what they're missing out on YouTube, it's the wave of the future, but I guarantee they'll be up on YouTube by the end of the decade like Doug Wegner and Robbie Lee Todays Angler, people are set in their ways with just photos is archaic, people want video, people want B-Roll, people want bad ass rock music to make the video even better. Why I still get approached constantly by people to take them out... Problem is people are again, set in their ways. Some even don't know how to fucking use a computer, let alone photoshop or premiere pro. And when people can't do what you do, guess what, major jealousy there.

And boy oh boy the animosity I've read towards these musky anglers like Todays Angler and Dougie just on the musky forums, but honestly I think posts like these will be thing of the past...  Again, at first I sided with some of the anglers complaining of pressure being brought to small local rivers and inland lakes, but then I seen some major animosity come from even commercial fishermen out on the ocean in the Nick Fish video. That's when I realized the animosity brewing over petty shit!  Seeing Ben Nowaks tires get slashed at a local inland lake solidifies it even more...  Again, it amazes to me a sport so fucking harmless, but people are acting like fucking Karens 24/7...

Shoutout to the local musky charters, "now it's not a good time to be set in your ways. The future is here, jump on board!!!" 😉 I truthfully wish everyone the best of luck with their businesses!

And honestly, I don't think there's wrong with having to express your opinion against some of this technology, I think some of it should be regulated, for instance, so it doesn't start regulating us, referring to the BIGBUG movie or even the old Terminator movies, IRobot etc... Pete Buttigieg wants to put a speed camera on every corner, that would be end of the muscle car era as we know it, even if we go electric! And to make it clear, my postion on livescope, maybe even 3D sonar is, I think it's a little too much for tournament fishing, just like live bait! But there's just a right way and a wrong way to approach people and express your opinion about this technology, some are expressing themselves a little too much and having their own little Karen episode.

As we're starting to find out, electric cars and climate change are inevitable, but your fate is what you make...

As we evolve, it's obvious we need machines, just as they may need us one day... But I honestly don't know where we are headed, as it scares me as well, as we keep making tremendous jumps in technology.

And what's ironic about Velnar Spencer's comment about the ridiculous photoshopped meme on electric cars, can't beat'em, referring to V8s. I don't know if she knows this or not, but the same scientists that cast doubt within climate change, are the same one's that did it with cigarettes (as pointed out in Vice episode), the ironic part is that cigarettes is probably what killed Steve Mcqueen and gave him lung cancer. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, just looking at this topic realistically, I loved that movie and legendary actor Steve Mcqueen too. But I suspect, if we don't make the change, we too may suffer the same fate as this Legendary actor! And by the way, there was video that hit the web of a gutted Tesla that trolled street racers, the video went viral, so yes, electric car did beat'em, meaning V8!!! God... Can't imagine what Elon Musky think of this meme, prolly fall on the ground and start laughing... But honestly it's no laughing matter, because some of us are still living in the past, while us others are trying to move forward and trying to save fishing resources, like the billion dollar fishing industry down in Florida as well as up here in Michigan, considering we can't keep any of the fish at Kent Lake because of PFAS and red tide/bp oil spill in Florida!

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