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Westside Vs The World Documentary

I've talked about how top athletes from tough sports like football, hockey, and basketball make great musky fishermen, like Christian Laettner and Jason Quintano(holds Lake St. Clair Musky Record), my brother new Quintano and I heard he was brawler back in his had day with ice hockey. Well, I've always had a fascination with weight lifting, I never really competed in football, but I loved hockey, the fast paced, hard hitting, adrenaline drivin' sport. I lived right next to Al Sobotka, so I got to experience when the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup a lot closer than most fans and it opened up my mind to all sorts of avenues the way a sport can be played by not just dumping the puck, but cycling the puck as the Russians did, why it always makes me to think a sport like musky fishing could always be played from a different angle with maybe something like spinning gear and using different lighter lures like the Strike King 8.0 squarebill so you can cast longer and cover more ground, as I have missed some monster 50 inch musky with this smaller bait, anglers always think you have to use heavier baits to catch bigger fish. By the way, I still own Vladimir Konstantinov's hockey blade to this day...

Here comes the pain!

Anyways, getting to the documentary, my fascination with weight lifting, if you don't know by now, I'm bit of an adrenaline junky, love muscle cars and drag racing, love fast paced sports like hockey, love musky fishing, and also love watching arm wrestling, strongman, and even bodybuilding... Quite the avid follower of all them! But what I'm worried about, how my generation loved these sports, but the new generation just doesn't seem that much interested in them. I mean without a doubt, Vice News has talked about how steroids have skyrocketed because of the increase of social media sites like instagram, however, CDC still estimates that 1 in 3 Americans will be diabetic by 2050. So even though there's this push to have the most ripped, strongest, athletic physique on Isntagram, majority of Americans are still falling behind on their diet and exercising.

This isn't probably the best documentary for youngsters to be watching first, I would recommend watching something like Generation Iron, Pumping Iron, or Born Strong first before you step into the adrenaline drivin world of Louie Simmons... But still, I think some youngsters might see this, might say, "man I want to do that!" I kind of said that to myself after first seeing Pumping Iron, always had a fascination with athleticism from the age of 5, my father and brother started me off in sports at a very young age, but this bodybuilding and weight training seemed to be something a lot different. And the pump you feel, which I'd say is similar to the runners high, can be quite addicting and fun to feel, as Arnold stated, it's somewhat similar to cumming with a woman. The pump feels great leaving your arms and legs full, you're releasing endorphins in your brains and I have to say, I kind of feel a little bit of a pump and runners high when I'm casting for musky, why I strictly cast for musky instead of trolling for musky, but I do troll for musky from a kayak!(I think it's pretty obvious why)

Now I will say this, Louie and has crew definitely has taken it to the extreme, he hasn't been afraid to share his use of PEDs like steroids, now drugs like HGH are even more popular, but even though I have a different outlook on PEDs than Louie, that still doesn't stop me from admiring him. As Louie said, your morals are your morals in Bigger Stronger Faster, who am I to criticize someone else for taking a PED. I agree with him to a point, because as I discussed in a recent article with Doug Wagner, kids looks up to athletes like Liver King and Mike O'Hearn, if they're claiming to get big just off of duck eggs and liver, well that's offly misleading. However, Louie never did that, he was always upfront and honest with his PED use and honestly that's what separates him from the other fake natties, is that new the term youngsters are using these days, natty? lol

What's fascinating about this documentary is how Louie Simmons has figured out a different way of weight training to break weight records, that no one elses has every done before, kind of like Marv Marinovich had done with his son or again, the Russians with cycling the puck. If you never seen the ESPN 30 for 30 The Marinovich Project with his son, you might want to check it out, can't say how many times I've watched that documentary, because I found it so fascinating. Ya know, some might say well Louie and Marv are fucking insane, as his son Todd Marinovich have said in the documentary, have you ever looked into Marv's eyes lol? However, despite what you think of them, these two gentlemen have figured out different techniques to weight train to develop a much more successful athlete, many professional sports teams seeked out their advice to find out how to develop their linebackers, tight ends, fullbacks etc... As football is very much a strength game, if you can increase a persons strength, stamina, and endurance, guess what, it's going to make them overall a better athlete.

Louie Simmons is not only a genius for developing a new technique of weight training to increase strength, but you could also say Louie has also found a way to fix a person's back, lol, after he fucked himself up royally after lifting super heavy weight, which in return made him invent the reverse hyper!

You know how I'm always telling you to start out differently in a sport, never do the same thing everyone else is doing, find your own rhythm, you might invent or find something out that another athlete hasn't in a sport, I think starting off with spinning help me find out that musky are attracted to squarebills like the Strike King 8.0, because spinning can only cast lighter lures. Well in a way, I think because Louie Simmons thought outside the box, didn't do what everyone else was doing, that's what help him invent something like the reverse hyper. To sum it up, I guess you could say by Louie putting himself through hell and pain, he helped prevent pain for a lot of other people, because the reverse hyper is a magnificent invention for back pain, bulging disks and just building up your back muscles.

And it makes me wonder... Isn't i ironic that Chris Bell's brother Mark Bell is in this documentary, you know Chris Bell who has made the documentary Bigger Stronger Faster and Prescription Thugs, an amazing director that exposed other means of taking naturopathic supplements like Kratom and CBD oil for pain instead of addicting deadly opioids like what the medical industry recommends... Hmmm, medical industry, I wonder if any Doctors recommend the reverse hyper machine for repairing bulging disks or back pain instead of always surgery($$$), that might say something about our medical system. I'll never forget what ex-phamracist Gwen Olsen said in the Prescription Thugs, "Big pharma isn't in the business of curing, but disease management and symptoms maintenance!" Stuck with me since I watched that movie! I truly think after watching Chris Bell, Mark Bell, and Louie Simmons in action, you're looking at men of greatness!

And I'll say this, even though I'm against using steroids for young and middle age people, I still think they can be a life saving drug, as Chris Bell showed in the documentary Bigger Stronger Faster it helped save many AIDs patients. I know their buddy Joe Rogan is on testosterone at sort of maintenance dosage, so "can the drug be safely taken" as one Doctor recommended, Dr. Charles Yesalis in the Docuemntary Bigger Stronger Faster, "yes!" The problem is, just like any drug, I think athletes get addicted to them, abuse them, raise dosages, and once you take them long enough, your body then depends on them. But that's not saying, once your body stops having a hard time producing testerone at an older age, they wouldn't be very valuable for men at an older age. Life always seem to be about a balance, same goes for testosterone! Basically, if I would ever take them, would only be at a very older age and when my testosterone levels were shown to be down! While I'm a fan of Derrek from More Plates More Dates who uses PEDs, I'd say I'm more of a fan of Nick from Nick Strength of Power that trains naturally.

But it's a fascinating documentary, lots of tense Alpha Male competitiveness in this documentary, so if you're not into that, this probably isn't for you. I recently wrote an article about the Sinister Side of Alpha Males, how petty they can be by tearing others down with lies, but to balance it out, I still have a fascination with the culture tremendously and have taken part in weight lifting with many Alpha Males over the years. But as the documentary suggested, "got kind of violent in there, are they all going to start fighting," there's a lot of hostility and animosity still rolled up into all this fun and exciting atmosphere, sometimes ya gotta watch your back, I've seen and heard a lot through the years, Craig Titus story is just one of them. Lately Derrek from More Plates More Dates have been talking about crazy stories(vids to watch 1,2,3) when being on testosterone, gotta listen to it, fucking fascinating. Like I said at the end of the Sinister Side of the Alpha Male article, I'm not trying to demonize these guys, more or less be careful and be vigilante, recognize the traits. I still look up to people like Louie Simmons and Marv Marinovich, people like them are what have made our country strong in both sports and the military! It's a weird fascination with top Alpha Males though, like Mark Bell said in the documentary, "as much as I'd like to tell you I love Louie Simmons, this going to turn into me being the ultimate heel and saying I fucking hate him." After watching this Documentary, you might start to understand where I'm coming from, along with David Goggins.

I think competitiveness can be super healthy for the soul and mental state, as long as it's healthy competitiveness as I like to call it... But as I've gotten older, slowed down a little, I do have to say sometimes being around Alphas all the time can be a little toxic, unbearable, and draining at times, eventually I figured out I can still perform a sport like weight lifting at my own pace. I see Louie and a top Powerlifter from West Side gym lose a great friendship due a disagreement, I think sometimes you can get pushed too far as explained even in the Marinovich Project with his son. Again, sometimes you gotta do things at your own pace to enjoy a sport like weight lifting and even musky fishing, you don't always have to cast giant lures like Bull Dawg Pounders or lift the absolute heaviest weight to enjoy a sport, I've heard a lot of anglers get burned out from musky fishing because of back pain and the rigorous chore of ripping big rubber, remember, always means to another way to performing a sport. I remember when Louie Simmons said he's between heaven and hell because he can't train and compete like he used to... Remember what I said about not going too extreme in sports, if training too hard like Ronnie Coleman with squats/dead lifts or taking PEDs could inure you or reduce longevity, even from a sport like football, keep me from enjoying fishing and hunting in the Great Outdoors at an older age, last thing I wanted to end up was like Louie Simmons in purgatory not being able to participate in these sports feeling the pump. What's weird too, it was talked about in the documentary, is how Louie doesn't go to any of West Side Powerlifter's funerals, as the top powerlifter he got into with died later, he didn't even go to his funeral... I'm not sure if he thinks showing any empathy is a sign of weakness or what, but I think this goes back to the sinister side of the Alpha male. Is what it is, this was the Westside lifestyle, live by the sword die by the sword, as one powerlifter said, "we're thoroughbred bread horses, if we break a leg, take us out back and shoot us." On the other hand, many also said if it wasn't for Louie's training and direction, they would of been still addicted to drugs, dead, or locked up in jail, that's Westside Barbell in a nutshell!

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