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Robert Kennedy Jr. on Joe Rogan – Herbicide Found in Texans Drinking Water Turns 4 of 40 Male frogs into Females

Hey why won't Rogan have Clean Coal Trump on? If Libtards were smart, they'd run off of slogan, corporations like Monsanto are lowering testosterone in men and their babies with herbicides like Glyphosate and Atrazine, aka Endocrine Distruptor, leading to even castration and Hermaphroditism, that'll definitely grab people's attention! Robert Kennedy Jr. is already kind…
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Deep Animal Connection

Do some people have more of a deep animal connection than others, some type of clairvoyancy or telepathic communication to animals? Sometimes they just understand what the animals are thinking? Mind-Altering Power of Deep Animal Connection - "One morning Lisa Donahue walked into her dining room and saw her six-year-old son, Aidan, and their large…
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